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The Arrowverse does a superb job of juggling their impressive roster of DC Comics superheroes; however, there are some characters fans wish they got to see more of. Specifically, there's one character that fans have been clamoring to see return since his appearance on Arrow in Season 4. The character I am speaking of is the one and only "Hellblazer" himself, Constantine.

Watch a clip of Matt Ryan as Constantine on Arrow:

Fans fell in love with Matt Ryan's portrayal of , and were extremely upset when the show was cancelled by NBC. After the cancellation, quickly snatched Constantine up. He made a memorable cameo when Oliver Queen needed some help of the mystical variety, in an episode which proved to be a high point of an otherwise lackluster season. Sadly, news about the "Master of the Dark Arts" had been scarce ever since.

Thus, fans are delighted by The CW's announcement: Constantine is about to get his own show on The CW!

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Constantine On CW Seed

On New Year's Eve, Geoff Johns — President of DC Comics — took to Twitter to share a list of things to look forward to from the company in 2017. One entry on the list was the future announcement of a new DCTV show — which many fans speculated would be the long-awaited second season of Constantine.

As it turns out, that's exactly what the show is going to be, but there's one catch: it's not going to be live-action. Constantine joins the ranks of the animated , which was once only occupied by the heroine Vixen on CW Seed. To the delight of fans, Matt Ryan will return to voice the character for the 6 episode series with a run-time of 10 minutes per episode. The question now is, how do the animated shows fit in to the Arrowverse?

What Does This Mean For The Arrowverse?

The Arrowverse [Credit: The CW]
The Arrowverse [Credit: The CW]

The good news is that the CW Seed is an integrated part of the Arrowverse, even though it is animated. The characters from the live-action shows cross over to the animated shows, and vice versa. Constantine will only be the second animated show on CW Seed; however, should Constantine prove successful, we could see much greater expansion of the animated Arrowverse, bringing even more characters into the fold.

Constantine being an official part of the Arrowverse also means that he can show up on any of the 4 shows, and influence their storylines. Legends of Tomorrow appears to already be laying the groundwork for a Constantine cameo through its inclusion of the Spear of Destiny as the McGuffin for the newly formed Legion of Doom. Only time will tell as to how much Constantine will affect the other shows; hopefully he will become a fully-fledged, live-action member of the Arrowverse, sooner rather than later.

An Animated 'Constantine' Is Better Than None At All

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

The CW Seed has proven that it is a launching pad for characters to become part of the live-action Arrowverse; CW Seed's first animated hero, Vixen, recently made the leap to Legends of Tomorrow. But, as a huge fan of the show on NBC and Matt Ryan's portrayal, I can see how this recent news could be a bit of a letdown for some fans. Constantine is a much stronger character than some of the Arrowverse's established heroes (I'm looking at you Heatwave). Plus, Constantine has already been established, meaning he was already primed to enter the live-action Arrowverse without the need for yet another back story.

However, complaining about getting an animated Constantine rather than a live-action show is kind of like a teenager being disappointed about the color of the car their parents just bought them. It's a bit entitled, and we have to look on the bright side: at least we know that The CW hasn't forgotten about the character, and still has plans for him.

Constantine [Credit: CW Seed]
Constantine [Credit: CW Seed]

When you take a step back and look at what and have done with the Arrowverse, it is pretty amazing. At one time we didn't even have one good superhero show on TV, now we have an embarrassment of riches. Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tommorrow, and Supergirl have all exceeded expectations, and I for one couldn't be happier. The inclusion of Constantine in any form proves that the people in charge of the Arrowverse are actually listening to fans, and are going out of their way to give us the properties we want.

Hopes are still high that one day, we'll see Constantine return to the live action-realm of the Arrowverse. Until then, let's be happy that we're getting any Constantine at all. The Arrowverse is currently on its mid-season hiatus, but it will return starting with Supergirl on January 24th, 8PM/ET on The CW!


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