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To those old enough to have lived through the early '00s, is essentially the ultimate rom-com. Featuring a stellar cast and the right mix of goofy cheesiness and emotional scenes, it's the go-to family/Christmas/romance movie for just about anyone.

But questions were left unanswered as to the fate of each protagonist, so imagine the joy when it was announced that the 2003 classic would actually get a sequel — in the form of a short 10-minute reunion titled Red Nose Day Actually. Bringing together most of the original cast, the mini-sequel is a charity initiative meant to raise money for Comic Relief.

You Could Be An Extra In 'Red Nose Day Actually'

One way the project has found to raise funds is to open a contest to star in Red Nose Day Actually, and not just in any scene: Five people get a chance to visit the set of the movie in London and star as extras in Hugh Grant's part, which will be shot on March 5.

The rules are pretty simple, though you need to be a UK resident. Text the word COMIC followed by the number of your answer to the following question to 84474, and part of the 4-pound cost of the text will go to charity.

In Love Actually, what is the name of rock star Billy Mack’s manager?

1. Joe

2. Dave

3. Tony

'Love Actually' [Credit: Studio Canal]
'Love Actually' [Credit: Studio Canal]

Imagine seeing Grant's killer dance moves up close? For more information, here's the link to the contest.

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If you're a disappointed US resident, don't you worry, Red Nose Day Actually will air on May 25 on NBC.

Who's your favorite couple in Love Actually?


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