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Eszter Simor

The sickest, most disturbing movie of all time is getting an uncut DVD edition. A Serbian film follows a retired porn star who agrees to act in an "art film." He only discovers it later that this art movie of an insane director centres around the most heinous crimes, like paedophilia and necrophilia, and nothing in it is fake or made by special effects...

, the real director, had his movie banned in a couple of countries because of its extremely graphic depiction of rape and violence and 19 minutes were edited out of its story in the US. Now, the full version is going to be available for the most hardcore viewers.

As BD reports, Invincible Pictures is releasing a new uncensored DVD edition, after the limited edition A Serbian Film sold out rapidly.

Invincible Pictures' CEO Tom Ashley said:

A Serbian Film is unquestionably the most controversial release of the past decade. This makes the uncut edition of A Serbian Film the perfect gift for the whole family — if your last name happens to be Manson! In all seriousness, this is director Srdjan Spasojevic's uncensored masterpiece, and we’re making it widely available for fans who missed it the first time around.

(source: Bloody-disgusting)

What do you think? Is this DVD the "the perfect gift for the whole family" for Christmas?


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