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I talk way too much about comic books so I hope that's cool. "Dad, you killed the zombie Flanders!" - "He was a zombie?"
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(WARNING: Tread carefully, tons of spoilers ahead!)

Every week, newly released comic books present new opportunities to tell rich, dynamic stories filled with great moments — from the moments that make you laugh to the ones that hit you right in the feels. Here are just some of what we believe to be the coolest, weirdest and most memorable moments of this week's comic book line-up. Whether it be moments from Marvel, DC, Image Comics and everything else awesome, that lies in between.

5. The Walking Dead #159

Negan and Lucille are finally reunited (and blunt trauma never looked so good).

Batter Up
Batter Up

Who would have thought that after Negan's promise in the last issue that he would get back his precious barbed wired baseball bat, Lucille (and that Dwight would be the one to hand it to him, no less), and that it would come to fruition so soon?

As Dwight and the group fend off an assault from their new adversaries, The Whisperers and their army of Walkers. Negan is left to deal with the opposing group’s recently appointed leader, Beta (as Negan killed the last one). As the fighting only becomes more ferocious, Dwight attempts to turn the tide of the battle by handing Negan back his figurative — and according to the man himself, very literal — power-up.

Unfortunately, Negan's good times can only roll on for so long before they inventively blow up (and again, quite literally), in his face.

R.I.P Lucille, 2012 - 2016
R.I.P Lucille, 2012 - 2016

Negan gets the better of himself by inadvertently smashing his precious bat a little too hard over the towering Beta. Now it's time to see if the universe of The Walking Dead can handle a man who's lost the only thing he ever loved (post apocalypse) and who has nothing left to lose. Prepare yourselves for the most dangerous version of Negan yet.

4. Death Of X #1

The war between the Inhumans and the Mutants kick-starts with the X-men suffering a devastating loss.

Cyclops and Crystal march closer to war
Cyclops and Crystal march closer to war

Death of X is a prequel comic that finally explores the fate of the now presumably deceased mutant leader, Cyclops. The Inhumans continue to thrive as the Terrigen mist spreads over the globe, creating new Inhumans as it goes. The already endangered mutant race are only just waking up to the dangerous effects that the mist has on their kind.

Cyclops and his Uncanny X-Men team answer a distress call on Muir Island, only to find that the Island is filled with Terrigen mist. What at first seems like an island that is devoid of any signs of life, the group discover Muir Island's sole survivor, Jamie Madrox, the self-duplicating mutant known as Multiple Man.

A an army of Dead Madrox's
A an army of Dead Madrox's

Turns out that the former head of X-Factor Investigations came out of a quiet retirement in order to investigate the Terrigen Mist on Muir Island with an army of himself. The dying and supposedly original Madrox can only warn Cyclops of the dangers of the mist before he too succumbs to its effects.

Now this is not the first time that "original" Madrox has apparently "died" and even if he actually has this time, there are still a few known dupes who are leading completely separate lives. So, to all the Madrox fans out there — there is still hope.

3. Batman #8

Batman and Clayface team-up to take on Gotham Girl.

As the Night of the Monster Men story arch gets underway, the Bat-family find themselves outgunned against Hugo Strange's towering monstrosities that are wreaking havoc across Gotham city. Things only get worse when Nightwing and the new super-powered, super-unstable hero, Gotham Girl, are transformed into monstrous versions of themselves. To even the score at little, Bruce brings a monster of his own in the form of the now redeemed former villain, Basil Karlo a.k.a. Clayface.

Clay-Bat vs Gotham Girl, LET THEM FIGHT!
Clay-Bat vs Gotham Girl, LET THEM FIGHT!

Rather than a standard two against one team-up, Bruce instead dons Clayface like a suit of armor and proceeds to beat down Gotham Girl. Unfortunately for this budding symbiotic relationship between the new dynamic duo, it is ultimately not enough to put a stop to Gotham Girl.

Still, the short-lived moment is definitely one for the ages as DC Rebirth continues to impress across the board.

2. Deadpool: Back In Black #1

Speaking of symbiotic relationships, Deadpool gets one of his own.

During last year's Secret Wars event, Marvel ran a short comic series that chronicled Deadpool's secret excursion during the first ever Secret Wars, which debuted back in 1984. During his secret adventure, Deadpool would play a part In Spider-Man's first discovery of the symbiote, Venom, as Deadpool himself briefly bonded with it prior to Parker. Once again, Venom has found its way back to its secret original host shortly after Peter Parker rids himself of Venom for good during Web of Spider-Man (1985).

Utilizing the Venom symbiote once more, Deadpool easily takes out a room of assailants in about as violent and Deadpool-like of a manner as one would expect.

He wears black so bad guys can't see him...bleed?
He wears black so bad guys can't see him...bleed?

Make what you will of Deadpool's meddling with the Spider-Man mythos, but if it continues to be as fun as #1 of Back in Black then you'll hear no complaints from us. Plus it gets Deadpool one step closer to his secret dream of imitating his favorite hero, Spider-Man.

What excuse could Spider-Man possibly have this time!? They have so much in common now!

1. Midnighter And Apollo #1

Midnighter fights the Train-god.

Longtime superhero power couple the Midnighter, the man with a sophisticated "fight computer" in his brain, and Apollo, a solar-powered alien experiment, are now a couple again (sort of). Regardless of relationship status, Midnighter gets to work with fighting the D-list supervillain team, the Subway Pirates (with assistance from Apollo), who are a group train-worshiping child abductors and look as though they've arrived a few years too early for the post-apocalyptic Mad Max after party.

What follows next is a cool sequence as Midnighter jumps head-first into a speeding train and systematically kills everyone on board, bar one.

The Subway Pirates leader Half-Beard is kicked out of the rear end of the train and is given an ultimatum by Midnighter.

Wherever Midnighter appears violence and mayhem are sure to follow, and it seems that even with Apollo's resurgence, Midnighter is in no hurry to change his violent ways (and we're all the better for it). Again, if Midnighter and Apollo keep up the same quality as the majority of the DC Rebirth line-up then I have a sneaky suspicion that this is one comic that will routinely make the list each week.

Break up your comic book reading with some workouts inspired by one comic character himself: Green Arrow.

These are just some of many cool comic book moments, but If there is one from a comic that we missed and that you thought was really good, then let us know in the comments below!


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