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Hey! Marvel buddies and are filming a movie together called Reasonable Doubt.

Want proof? Well, lucky you - they just released the official poster for your visual pleasure:

Reasonable Doubt Poster

From what we can tell from the movie poster is that Reasonable Doubt looks like it will be an intense ride. Just look at the smouldering intensity of both Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper.

But wait - hold up! We have some film stills for you too:

SLJ lurkin'

It's a stick up!


Its written on the wall

Reasonable Doubt sees Cooper play Mitch Brockden, a district attorney who is involved in a dark and shady hit and run. After an innocent man, Clinton Davis, (Jackson) is arrested, Mitch Brockden starts to discover the darker side of his personality.

I’ve always wondered who would win in a hypothetical battle between Cooper and Jackson. Now all I have to do is wait to January 17th, when the film is released, to find out.

Source: ComingSoon


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