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If you love Halloween like I do — I call myself a spooky pumpkin — then you're a huge fan of Coraline (even if button-eyed Other Mother gave you haunting nightmares for weeks on end). You'll also know that fans all over the internet have been obsessing over fan-made Coraline 2 trailers that were released on YouTube, and unauthorized fan fiction of the sequel to the book. Many hopeful fans wished that these were official pointers towards a sequel to the much loved animated film, and many fans will be sorely disappointed to learn there isn't going to be a second Coraline film — I blame you, Other Mother!

Phony YouTube Trailers And Unofficial Fan Fiction

Somehow, fans of Coraline decided that reusing footage from the first film, and calling their creations "Coraline 2," would be enough to convince us that the sequel is happening. We ain't falling for it. Some fans even thought of interesting and inciting names for the fake sequels, such as Coraline 2: The Door Reopens and Coraline 2 The Bedlam Returns. As fun and as spooky as those names sound, it isn't going to work. Here are two of the fan-made trailers that gained the most views in the social media world...

Coraline 2 The Door Reopens Official Trailer 1 (2015) Dakota Fanning Kevin Spacey HD Animated Movie

Interesting title, tiresome footage. They tried to trick us with the old "Official Trailer" card — not this time!

Coraline 2 The Beldam Returns 2015 Trailer HD

The creator of this trailer claims it's a harmless parody, and any owner of an Apple product knows that this was made on the iMovie app. Tut-tut for anyone who believed this!

As it stands, there is only one novel by Neil Gaiman (aptly with the same name as the film: Coraline) and there hasn't been another. This being said, many button-loving fans became confused by the unofficial fan fiction written by Belac77. The confusion began due to the official-looking website this keen fanatic made for their unauthorized sequel, Coraline 2: The Final Unraveling. I must say, it is a convincing looking website.

Although this one appears to be the most popular, there's hundreds of fan fictions dedicated to creating the illusion of a sequel. If it wasn't clear, there is no official sequel for either the book nor the film, in case you were still fooled by fan attempts at re-creating the magic of Coraline.

Unfortunately, Facts Are Facts

There has been no official word that Coraline 2 will be happening. Is this because Coraline was enough to stand on its own as a single film? Maybe. Many factors could contribute to the fact that director Henry Selick (also the director of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas) hasn't said anything about a sequel, but facts are facts and we can't argue with them.

Fans Cannot Be Stopped!

But this doesn't stop fans wishing, hoping and theorizing. Fans all over Twitter are staying hopeful for Selick to produce a sequel;

There's even been a petition to help Selick create a sequel (as if he needs help). You can sign it here, well if you really want to...

The fandom for Coraline is huge, and it's no surprise that people are demanding a sequel be made. In my humble opinion, if a sequel were to happen, it should be a prequel of the lives of the ghost children instead, before Coraline saved them. We should let Coraline herself live her amazing new life as the film ended!

What do you think would make for a good Coraline prequel/sequel? Or should it be left as a single film?


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