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A wake was held at 's former Hollywood Hills home on Saturday night as roughly a dozen people gathered to grieve the loss of their friend.

Amongst those attending were Monteith's housemates and other friends, including Ben Slutsky, a corporate finance and planning manager at MGM studios, Justin Neill and bandmates from Monteith's group, Bonnie Dune.

While Monteith had been in contact with his roommates, he hadn't been seen at the house for more than a month. According to a source, he moved out of the house shortly after checking himself out of Crossroads rehab in April.

Monteith was found dead by hotel staff in his 21st floor room in the five star Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon when he failed to check out. A hotel video showed Monteith with other people in his hotel room on Friday night but the acting police chief on the case reported he returned to his room alone in the early hours of the morning.

So far, no cause of death has been established, but Vancouver Police conducted the autopsy yesterday and results will soon be released. Given the actor's young age (31) and history of drug addiction, toxicology tests will be included in the investigation. It usually takes weeks for toxicology results to be available but the Coroner's Service has said that officials will try to speed up test results, given the intense public interest in the results.

In March, Monteith left the Glee set a few weeks early in order to tackle his addiction problems in rehab. However, on completing the program a month later, he went on holiday with his longtime girlfriend, Glee co-star and was reportedly 'feeling fantastic again', according to , who was in contact with the actor after directing three episodes of Glee.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, NBC News


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