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Australian cosplayer and YouTuber Chris Stanley, a.k.a. Cosplay Chris, is known for showing his great talent at making collectibles even better or building fantastic cosplays while being a nerdy yet very likable person. And his latest video rockets his likability levels off the charts.

Chris's parents have a program that brings birds and rabbits to retirement homes to bring happiness to seniors as a form of therapy, thus showing the power of pets and animals. Well, Chris took another animal there: The Bat. Specifically, Ben Affleck's Batman from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Chris's appearance as Batman made some older fans very happy, brightened their faces, and even made some people who didn't speak that much light up, walk up to Chris, and start talking, which is an amazing response. Check it out below:

There are many things that can be used to bring out positive vibes: music, books, animals — and now we can add superheroes to that list. Whether you grew up with the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age or any other age of comic books, we all can come together and relate over these characters and stories.

Batman is more than just a silly comic book superhero; he's a legendary figure who can bring a smile to everyone from grandsons to grandmothers. Hats off to Chris for doing just that.

Is this cosplayer a hero or what? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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