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This November, fans will finally get to catch up with the gods of Asgard in . Loki-ly, we don't have to wait until then to pay homage to everybody's favorite misfit, .

This week on , the Super News Live crew was Loki enough to team up with cosplayer Bill, better known by his Insta handle @lokihatesyou. In under an hour, Jackson went from mere mortal to God of Mischief, ready for battle. If you missed the live story, don't worry, we've got the photographic evidence right here.

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If you've ever been at a Con in LA or San Diego and Thor-t to yourself, who's that Loki? The answer is probably lokihatesyou. When he's not decked out as the God of Mischief, Jackson can also be found hosting NerdBot Con in Pasadena, which he co-created with NerdBot Media. He's also working on a tabletop card game called Cos Famous, which will be released later this year.

Jackson tends to stick to his superhuman strengths — that is, frost manipulation and looking a whole lot like Tom Hiddleston in The Avengers — but he also does a killer Joker cosplay that would give Jared Leto a run for his money.

Tune in to the Instastory on @supernewslive every Wednesday from 6PM PT, where true fans show off their awesome cosplay skills and transform themselves into your favorite TV/movie characters.


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