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On March 31, 2017, Scarlett Johansson was finally let loose on the world in the highly-anticipated remake of 1995's Ghost In The Shell, spearheading the cyberpunk revival that's long been overdue. Plug into the epic trailer for the new release below:

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And over at Movie Pilot headquarters, to celebrate the fact that the 1989 Japanese manga series had finally been given the Hollywood treatment, a talented cosplayer called Heidi Mae Herrington was poised ready to transform herself into "The Major." Check out the insane transformation in the picture below:

[Credit: Heidi Mae Herrington]
[Credit: Heidi Mae Herrington]

Heidi describes herself as an avid gamer, geek lifestyler and cosplayer who likes to get creative with her brother and sister, making awesome YouTube parodies and music videos. From their hometown of just 2,000 people in Missouri, they love to wow the world by producing and directing a ton of incredible clips showcasing their talent.

For our , Herrington recreated the futuristic look sported by Hollywood heroine ScarJo, imitating her eye-popping appearance with the short dark haircut, body brace and slick bodysuit.

[Credit: Heidi Mae Herrington]
[Credit: Heidi Mae Herrington]

For Heidi, cosplay is a fantastic way to express yourself — and she loves showing others how to also get involved with the art form. In the past, she admits to recreating iconic pop culture looks from films, games and comics, showing her fans every single step of the way. Speaking about encouraging others to start cosplaying, she says:

"The question I get the most is, 'How do I start cosplaying?' I wanted to pull together more accessible looks from stores you can go to yourself, so that you can go out with your friends rocking X-23's vibe, without it being just on a t-shirt. Sort of like everyday Cosplay."

Pretty cool, huh?

Tune in to the Instastory on @supernewslive every Wednesday from 6PM PT, where true fans show off their awesome cosplay skills and transform themselves into your favorite TV/movie characters.

Share your own sci-fi cosplay in the comments below!

'Ghost in the Shell' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Ghost in the Shell' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]


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