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As of now, there isn't any news on who will be playing Shazam for the 2019 movie of the same name. The villain role, Black Adam has already been attached to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for some time. What the fans are waiting for now is the news of who'll take on the titular role.

There has already been rumors about casting for the film, but this morning, Blood Drive actor Alan Ritchson was asked a question from one of his followers. His response, simple as it was, is what caused a mild storm over on his Twitter account. Check it out below.

If he's serious about the role, he has various ways to catch the attention of the right people. This leads to three ways he could become the thunderous character.

1. The Right Fit For The Role

The character is actually Billy Batson, a boy who's able to transform into a costumed adult with abilities, after saying the magic word "Shazam!" The entire identity of the character is lighthearted, though he's had many moments in the comics that'll fit well with the tone of the current DCEU.

Ritchson has the acting chops, the wit and stature, so why not portray a character with the exact same formula? He's held various comical roles throughout his career. He's been the voice of Arthur Curry/Aquaman in Justice League: The New Frontier, and portrays Raphael through motion capturing in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise. This proves he's been continuing to find ways to build a name for himself.

2. Success Of Other Actors In Comic Roles

Some time before there was a Deadpool movie, director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds choose to create a CGI stunt of the character in action. Though the two never admitted to leaking the video, it inadvertently helped Fox Studios to move forward with the movie, which released earlier this year.

Then there was Channing Tatum's self promotion to become Gambit in Fox's X-Men Universe. Even if the film is stuck in a bit of development hell, the actor is still attached to the role.

If Ritchson lets this become a trending topic, he could gain the attention of those in control of the DC projects. He already has a fan base that's keen on him being the character and with a humongous show of interests in the role, he could possibly have it in no time.

3. He's Already Been Aquaman

Not all of the actors that are currently in the DCEU were once a part of another project involved with DC. Whether it was on television or film, very few actors (aside from Reynolds and Affleck) have had chances to be more than one comic book character.

Ritchson has already played another comic book character. This time, it was a live-action take. That character was Aquaman in the hit series, Smallville. He was even able to continue as the character for four episodes. That makes it his second time a part of the DC universe.

Now if Ritchson stays in shape and vies for the role, in a franchise he's already familiar with, he'd have a good chance of receiving it. If that isn't enough, he could somehow leak a video of himself as the mystical character and let the fans decide from there.

In honor of The Rock being cast as Black Adam, here are 10 of his best insults to get you through your day:


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