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Sci-fi aficionados amongst you might've been following the progression of the upcoming Ender's Game, based on the 80s novel by .

If not, here's the lowdown: prepping for an alien invasion, an international fleet tries to train some of the world's most talented children for positions of future commanders, including one of my favorite protagonists of all time, Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin (). They're taken to Battle School where, as expected, they do normal school things like frolicking around in zero gravity...

Anyway, in a recent interview with IGN, star of the show Butterfield talks about working with co-stars and and the possibility that this movie could be the new Star Wars. When confronted with this question, Butterfield replied:

Well I hope so. I think it's got a very good possibility to be. I think it's unlike any other science fiction thing I've seen. It's amazing. A lot of science fiction films today are just about sort of lasers and explosions, but the best are the ones that have a lot more about character and theme; and that's one of the key parts of Ender's Game - the story. There are ideas behind it, about what makes human beings tick and that sort of thing.

Please. Star Wars is a freak phenomenon. I don't think we can count on anything, no matter how good, to reach its sheer depth. The Star Wars universe is six films, several TV shows, hundreds of novels, thousands of comics, and dozens of video games with more on the way. And I love it.

I want this film to be incredible, but there have been more amazing films than Star Wars which have seen barely a fraction of its success, so I'm remaining doubtful. What do you think?

Ender's Game arrives in theaters on November 1st.


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