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Patty Spivot was undoubtedly one of the highlights of The Flash's second season. With her infectious smile and nerdy personality, it was a joy to see the character appear on screen. And fans found it hard to say goodbye as she made her final appearance during Season 2, Episode 11 — "The Reverse-Flash Returns" — when she headed off to Midway City to follow her dream of becoming a crime scene investigator. Thankfully, it sounds like we could see more of Patty pretty soon.

Get ready for the Season 3 premiere of The Flash with the teaser below:

During a fundraiser in Orlando recently, actress Shantel VanSanten was asked if she'd return as Patty for Season 3, replying that "there is a very strong possibility if everything works out." This came after The Flash's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg also alluded to the possibility of Patty's return, telling TVLine that "We have not seen the last of Patty" while noting producers chose not to kill the character.

VanSanten is set to feature on USA's Shooter, expected to premiere this fall, as well as NBC's upcoming time-travel drama Timeless, but that doesn't mean we won't see her on The Flash. The possibilities for Patty's return are still endless, especially now that she knows her ex-boyfriend is the Scarlet Speedster. In fact, her return could bring a whole new dynamic to Season 3.

Could Patty Join Team Flash?

Patty Spivot meets the Flash for the first time.
Patty Spivot meets the Flash for the first time.

Team Flash just keeps growing. We have Cisco and Caitlin, usually joined by one iteration of Harrison Wells. On top of that, we have detective Joe West and Iris always on hand to help, as well as Arrow's Felicity Smoak. Let's not forget Henry Allen and Tina McGee also dabbled in it last season, and thanks to a little time deviation Hartley Rathaway joined the team in one of last season's most surprising moments. These folks each bring their own unique talents to the table, but aside from that, they all have one thing in common — they know Barry Allen is the Flash.

Well, Patty Spivot added herself to that elite group when she figured out the truth and tricked the Flash into revealing his secret identity when she was leaving Central City. She called Barry in distress, knowing full well that the Flash would show up to save her. With a somber but emotional exchange they parted ways. But her new knowledge makes her a perfect candidate to join the team.

Having previously been part of the CCPD's metahuman task force, Patty is well-equipped and experienced to take on any metahuman that gets in Team Flash's way. There's always room for one more in S.T.A.R. Labs and Patty would be a welcome addition to Team Flash.

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A Reunion With Barry

Patty and Barry share a moment on 'The Flash' Season 2. (via The CW)
Patty and Barry share a moment on 'The Flash' Season 2. (via The CW)

Following her last encounter with the Flash, there are no more secrets between Patty and Barry. Before she left for Midway City, she told him that she was willing to stay if he told her the truth. But of course, Barry was his usual stubborn self didn't tell her his big secret. Despite her deducing it herself, she still left and that was the last we saw of the gloriously fun Patty Spivot, and the end of "Spallen".

If she were indeed to return, the "Barry-er" keeping them apart is now gone. Now that Patty knows the truth, there's an opportunity for the two of them to rekindle their romance. Remember, they never actually fell out of love or grew out of each other — Patty left, and circumstances forced them apart. Of course, she would know that he lied to her, but if she managed to get over that, the pair could bring some renewed romantic chemistry to Season 3.

The chemistry between Barry and Patty led to some hilariously cute moments, especially when they nerded out over Monty Python And The Holy Grail together. And even though we know that Barry is destined to be with Iris, that doesn't mean he can't spend a little time with Patty. The thought of more "adorkable" moments makes me hope that she does make a comeback.

Will Flashpoint Bring Us A New Patty?

Of course, I'm speculating as to what might happen if Patty returns, knowing that Barry is the Flash. But what if Patty, like other characters on the show, is affected by the events of Flashpoint? Barry's actions in the Season 2 finale have resulted in a strange new world, and although we know it won't be lasting for very long, we do know the repercussions will alter the main timeline.

Will Patty still remember the truth after Flashpoint? (via The CW).
Will Patty still remember the truth after Flashpoint? (via The CW).

When it comes to time travel, all it takes is one split second to change the course of events. That's something Barry found out when he accidentally altered the past and changed Pied Piper's destiny last season, and it's looking like the effects of Flashpoint are going to last a lot longer than that. As a result, we could see a brand new Patty Spivot in the Flashpoint timeline or a dramatically altered Patty in the main timeline. The character did appear in the Flashpoint comic book series that's inspired the event, and in the book she was killed by Superman villain Brainiac in the year 3011. Her death was seemingly undone when Bart Allen, a.k.a. Kid Flash, promised to travel back to the present day and save her. She could serve a similar role in the TV event, with her death giving Barry a reason to restore order to the timeline.

Flashpoint could also be used to erase Patty's knowledge of Barry and the Flash altogether. The show's done stuff like this before, most notably when the Flash altered the timeline to make Iris forget his real identity, erasing their first kiss along the way. This is probably the most unlikely option for Patty's return, especially considering how much fans love her, but it's still worth considering.

When you desperately hope Patty comes back!
When you desperately hope Patty comes back!

In the past, Barry's unmaskings have helped to significantly further the storyline — primary examples of this are his reveal to Eddie in order to obtain his help stopping Wells, and Iris's discovery which shaped the remainder of the show and brought her into the Flash's inner circle. While Patty's discovery could have just been a touching final moment for a beloved character, it's more likely that it was planted for future storylines and maybe even a possible return.

Now that both VanSanten and Kreisberg have alluded to a potential comeback, it's a strong possibility that Patty could return sometime in the near future. And with her knowledge of the Flash's identity, her returning presence on the show would likely be very different to her Season 2 stint. Whether it happens this season or the next one, I really hope that the hints lead to the return of Patty Spivot, because let's face it — we should all have a Patty in our lives.

The Flash Season 3 premiere on The CW on October 4. How do you think Patty Spivot will return to the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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