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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

It's hot on the lips of everybody in the world who cares about serious issues. Will and get back together?

Well, Robsten fans, you can sign a lil' bit of tentative relief - looks like Robert is NOT totally against the idea.

A source told Hollywood Life that “he’s told his friends that during a different time and different circumstances, they could make it work.”

This is a distinct change - Rob's been dating girls left, right and center since the split, which to me is evidence of a permanent split! But maybe this is all part of the healing process for him after all the emotional wreckage that surrounded their split? Time ,after all, can heal all wounds, the old adage says.

So, fans of the couple can woop with joy. The rest of us can worry slightly. Could this be the relationship that chains gossip bloggers to their desks for the next ten years?

How do you feel about this? Also, remember this source, 'close' to Rpatz or not, could be as reliable as casting in the lead of your new movie.

Basically, treat everything here with trepidation. Rumors and speculation, all of it. Regardless, do you want and to get back together?


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