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Now, for a man currently comfortably straddling as though its a readily conquerable mechanical bull, you might think that has it easy. After all, between the rampant financial success of his long-time dream project back in 2016, and his current burst of surprising awards season success for the film, he's seems to be riding the movie industry with the sure-butted grace of a professional rodeo clown.

Such an assessment, though, would ignore the cinematic obstacles that Reynolds had to surmount in order to get here, including a starring role in two (count 'em, two) of the most widely derided superhero movies of all time, , and . Of course, Reynolds has largely redeemed his presence in the former by bringing his role (of Deadpool, no less) back to the screen in emphatic fashion, but Green Lantern seemingly remains one hell of a sore spot. And yet, if the latest murmurings are to be believed...

Ryan Reynolds Could Be In Consideration To Play Green Lantern Again

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

That, at least, is the suggestion of a recent Deadline report on ' upcoming , the 's retooling of the Green Lantern franchise. Set to feature both Hal Jordan — the version of GL that Reynolds played back in 2011 — and fan-favorite iteration John Stewart, the film has latterly been described as "Lethal Weapon in space"... and might just feature Ryan Reynolds in the Hal Jordan role.

As that Deadline report puts it:

"It’s unclear whether the studio would reengage with Ryan Reynolds, who starred in the disappointing first film and is soaring with 'Deadpool' and working on its sequel."

Which, while far from a direct suggestion that, say, talks have begun, is also a long way away from an outright rejection of the possibility. As such, it seems entirely possible that someone behind the scenes at Warner Bros. has noticed the raging success of Reynolds's Deadpool, and mentioned to Deadline that a return for the actor isn't off the table.

The big question that raises, then?

Would Reynolds Actually Sign On To Play Green Lantern Again?

'Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]
'Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]

After all, the critical and financial failure of the original Green Lantern movie tore a giant, gaping hole in Reynolds' career , one which he's only now truly climbing out from. Between that, and Deadpool's rip-roaring success, It seems entirely possible that he'd have absolutely no interest in returning as the character, even if (somewhat implausibly) asked him to reprise the role. Heck, according to a recent interview he gave to Variety:

"He says he won’t reprise the role in future installments."

Which is, to be honest, about as definitive a statement as you're likely to get from a working actor. That being said, it's worth noting that two things tend to talk over in Hollywood: Money, and creative control. Were Warner Bros. to throw a bag of money in Reynolds's direction, and offer him his pick of director and a producing role — as seems to be the case on the upcoming — then it's not entirely implausible that he'd leap at the chance to redeem what many see as his greatest career misstep.

So, Could It Actually Happen?

'Green Lantern' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Green Lantern' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Well, sure. It's certainly not impossible to imagine Reynolds performing an about turn of some kind, and returning to the (presumably no longer CGI-ed) green suit for a spell, especially if he were offered a decent amount of creative control. What's more, it'd be an interesting — and potentially fan-pleasing — move on Warner Bros' part, and could well generate some genuinely substantial buzz for Green Lantern Corps.

The only problem with all of that? There's currently no real reason to believe that Reynolds's potential return is anything more than "not off the table." In other words? It seems unlikely that Warner Bros. currently considers him their first choice, or indeed that he's been approached about the possibility of returning. Which, of course, makes all of this pretty much pure speculation.

The big question now, then? What do you think? Would you like to see Ryan Reynolds return as Green Lantern in the DCEU? Let us know below!

(Sources: Deadline, Variety)


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