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One of the hottest things on television right now is the CW's "Arrowverse," a shared universe starring DC heroes. It began with Arrow and has since grown to include The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and beginning this season, Supergirl.

With the arrival of to the CW, a problem arose that led to immediate conjecture among fans. Since Supergirl began as a CBS show, it was established as taking place in a universe separate from the shows. A crossover did happen where accidentally opened a breach between his world and Supergirl's and helped her fight some villains, so would the universes eventually suffer a "convergence," much like what happened in Comics earlier last year?

What we're hearing right now is "no," but is there a "maybe" that the shows' producers are keeping restrained?

The Unlikely Chance Of A Convergence

In March Supergirl and the Flash crossed paths / [Credit: Warner Bros]
In March Supergirl and the Flash crossed paths / [Credit: Warner Bros]

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly before the current season began, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had this to say about a potential Supergirl merger with the Arrowverse:

"Not for her entire world, but Kara will be traveling from her dimension to our dimension, “our” being the world that The Flash, Arrow, and Legends lives in."

This seems like a pretty firm shutdown. Kara (a.k.a. Supergirl) will be able to make appearances on the other shows, but her whole universe won't follow. This is understandable if you consider the venue (TV), the budget, and amount of work that must go into telling a story where universes collide and form a new world. It would also mean a big reset for the four shows as everyone adjusted to a new universe.

So the chance of a major event like this seems unlikely, but then again so did the idea of ever seeing a Flashpoint storyline realized in live action. Though the official word right now is "no," perhaps behind the scenes they're shooting around ideas for a future convergence.

Hope Between The Lines

Superman finally teams up with Supergirl after initially left out / [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Superman finally teams up with Supergirl after initially left out / [Credit: Warner Bros.]

If we look at Kreisberg's statement, we could read it as only applying to its immediate context, that is, Season 2 of Supergirl and thus the current seasons of all the Arrowverse shows. But what about future seasons? It makes sense that they wouldn't immediately stage a merger so they could see how Supergirl flies on her own on the CW. Perhaps if all goes well in the ratings, a convergence event could happen in the next season or two.

Decisions are also reversed as time passes. When Supergirl first aired, the showrunners made it clear Superman wouldn't play a major role or make appearances. Yet, Season 2 opened with Superman finally making his debut. If they changed their minds with the Man of Steel, would they change their minds with a combining of worlds?

Though on paper it looks like a headache, the Arrowverse hasn't shied away from complex concepts like time travel and an unlimited "multiverse." Plus, with every crossover they up the ante with each season. After all, they're having the four shows team up to fend off an alien invasion! So why not have a crisis where the two worlds permanently meet?

It's also conceivable the showrunners are staying mum on a future event like this because they want it to be a surprise in the coming seasons. While we can take these comments and news at face value now, I don't think it's wrong to read between the lines and hold out hope that this could happen eventually.

How It Could Work

Vibe's visions may hold great significance / [Credit: Warner Bros]
Vibe's visions may hold great significance / [Credit: Warner Bros]

As Season 2 of The Flash reached its climax, two things occurred that could foreshadow a convergence-level event. The first thing that happened was Cisco Ramon (a.k.a. Vibe) seeing a vision of Earth-2 (which introduced us to and ) collapsing in on itself in apocalyptic fashion.

Then, in a following episode, Zoom revealed his evil plan to use a machine that would destroy the multiverse, leaving only the Flash's planet. Of course, his plan is foiled and the multiverse is saved. It could be that Cisco's vision was a potential future of what would have happened if Zoom prevailed, but I doubt they would go through the effort of showing us that if it gets resolved so easily.

Could the vision actually be a premonition of a convergence? Maybe Zoom's machine is utilized by another villain to bring about a merger. The Flash seems to be the epicenter of universe-shaking events, so it doesn't appear that far-fetched that something happening in Central City (or even initiated by the Flash himself) could cause the dimensions to meet. They don't even have to do a Crisis on Infinite Earths, just the ones we've seen; keeping it smaller keeps it more plausible and focused on the characters we've come to know and love.

Zoom's universe-ending machine / [Credit: The CW]
Zoom's universe-ending machine / [Credit: The CW]

What the future holds for the Arrowverse is mere rumor and conjecture at this point. We can only pick up the clues we've been given and try to piece them together in a way that makes sense. I could be reading too much into Kreisberg's comments and what I've seen on The Flash, but if these shows have shown us anything, it is that we should not set our expectations too low. The Arrowverse has pushed the boundaries for what a superhero show on TV looks like and how far it can go. Here's to dreaming that the CW's four shows can pull off something wondrous we never thought we'd see.

What do you think? Will Supergirl ever officially join the ranks of the Arrowverse?


Is a convergence in the future for the CW?

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