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Even though director isn't officially confirmed to helm the Terminator Genisys reboot, that hasn't stopped him from giving plenty of opinions. We know that if he were to direct, he would take inspiration from 's Batman Begins. would have to be in the movie. But what about the iconic roles of John and Sarah Connor? We've heard rumors that the movie would be set in the 1950s, so how would they even be part of the project to begin with?

Well, the guys at Schmoes Know have some insight, thanks to a "top-secret source." They're reporting that both John and Sarah will be a part of the movie, but the mother and son will both be played by actors in their 20s. Presumably that means we'll either have an X-Men: Days Of Future Past situation, which will feature younger and older actors, or John could time hop into the past to come face-to-face with his mom.

The actors trying out for Sarah are reportedly Game of Thrones' , 21 Jump Street's , and The Wolf of Wall Street's , while The Host's and Tron: Legacy's could be John.

Would you want to see these actors in these roles?

Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor:

Brie Larson as Sarah Connor:

Margot Robbie as Sarah Connor:

Boyd Holbrook as John Connor

Garrett Hedlund as John Connor

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