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This week has been a major one for DC Comics and the future of Batman’s film franchise. The upcoming project has been confirmed for some time now, as Ben Affleck will both star and directed the next solo film for the Dark Knight, but major details for the movie remain scarce. At the very least, moviegoers know what to call this new Batman film (at least for the time being).

During an interview for his new film The Accountant, Affleck confirmed that the new movie will be entitled The Batman. Viewers can now put a name to this new movie, but what The Batman will be about remains to be seen. We know that Deathstroke (played by Joe Maganiello) will be a part of the movie but aside from that, The Batman’s details remain unknown. If I were to speculate, I believe there is a chance for this upcoming film to be the most noir film based on the Dark Knight.

The concept of film noir has been around since the early days of cinema, with the golden age of this genre being the '40s and the '50s. The idea of film noir centers around mystery, crime and thrilling tales that feature a dark atmosphere. Just by looking at the genre’s main concept you would think that Batman would be perfect for a film noir.

In a manner of speaking, Batman has had movies that can be defined as crime films. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy has been recognized as crime films as much as they are considered blockbusters. Yet even with that in mind there has yet to be a Batman film that follows in the footsteps of the noir genre. Perhaps The Batman is the perfect opportunity to bring a noir element to not just the DCEU, but to the Batman franchise itself.

While the movie will still be a blockbuster and feature bigger-than-life cinematic moments, I feel that the movie (in some fashion) should feature a noir element. The movie has potential factors that could fit well as a noir film, such as Batman’s deductive skills and the mysterious atmosphere that makes up Gotham City. Another beneficial element to make this blockbuster a noir film is Ben Affleck himself.

As a director, Affleck’s work has revolved around thrillers and crime films. This could definitely help the upcoming film have a crime element to it, and it would be interesting to see if Affleck would direct this film in a noir fashion. While some noir elements like the film being in black and white would likely be left out, I do believe that playing The Batman out in this format would make for both an intriguing and dynamic cinematic experience.

While it is anyone’s guess what will become of The Batman, I think that film could only benefit by having a noir direction. Not only would it give the movie a sense of style, but it could definitely work for the character of Batman. As long as Batman is on the silver screen there will always be a crime element to his films, but if directed in the right way, perhaps this upcoming film could be the Dark Knight’s most noir tale to date.

Let's hope that the upcoming film is still just as dark and moody as the Batman we know and love (especially his musical tastes)

What direction would you like to see Affleck take the new Batman movie?