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This post contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3. A good portion of this season has been spent trying to figure out how to save Iris from being killed by . Barry went back in time, went to the future, stole from A.R.G.U.S., and had all of Team Flash working on a way to save her, but nothing helped. As we saw on Tuesday, May 16th, died when Savitar impaled her with a steel finger.

And yet, there are fans who don't believe Barry did everything he could to save Iris.

Of course, Barry is at the mercy of The Flash writers. To that end, two major questions that need to be answered should go to the writing staff:

Why Didn't Barry Ask Other Superheroes For Help?

The Flash is a member of the , and, as such, he has a legion of superheroes available to help him. Yes, everyone is fighting their own battles, but he didn't even ask who could, most likely, move as fast or faster than Savitar. And what about Firestorm? A rousing fire might have doused Savitar's aspirations.

In Season 3 of , the Flash swept in at the last minute to rescue the team from the dungeon inside the League of Assassins. Oliver called him for help, and Barry came in spite of what he was dealing with in Central City. With Team Arrow reveling in Prometheus's arrest, it would have been a perfect time to ask for assistance.

was quick to call in Vixen's assistance when his son, William, was kidnapped by Damien Darhk, and he called in Constantine when Sara's soul needed to be restored. Fans have a difficult time believing Oliver Queen is more open to asking for help than Barry Allen.

Even without crossing over to another show, Barry had other options like Gypsy, Jesse and Jay Garrick. Though Garrick was trapped inside the Speed Force, there's no doubt that Team Flash could have figured out a way to free him. The more help Barry had, the greater his chances of defeating Savitar.

While fans understand a television show needs to play out as it's been written, not having Barry even ask for help makes it seem like he thought he could handle this without any additional assistance. And he was willing to bet Iris's life on it.

Why Did Barry Wait Until The Last Day To Send Iris Away?

Sending Iris away was an excellent idea, even though H.R. revealed the secret to Savitar, but if Iris had been tucked away somewhere safely long before the final battle, she might have had a bigger chance at survival. Certainly A.R.G.U.S. could have kept her hidden in a safe house until Savitar was defeated.

Waiting until the last 24 hours to sequester Iris just doesn't come across as sound planning. In addition, although Barry knew the time and place where Iris was supposed to be killed, he didn't know if Savitar would take Iris beforehand. So it would have been better to have stashed away somewhere like Lian Yu, Nanda Parbat or National City where Supergirl could protect her.

These are questions that will probably never be answered, but if Iris West remains dead, more than a few fans aren't going to be happy about the choices Barry Allen made. Though The Flash is an autonomous show, a brief crossover — which we've seen plenty of times — could have saved Iris's life.

For now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope Iris can be revived without the disaster of yet another Flashpoint.

Do you think Barry could have done more to save Iris?


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