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Matt Carter

Can a (one-eyed) leopard really change its spots? This is the question surrounding the Governor, or as he's now calling himself, Brian, as Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, "Live Bait," saw the former tyrannical leader of Woodbury shack up with a new surrogate family.

But will the Governor continue to play nice when he arrives at the prison and comes into contact with Rick, Michonne and the rest of the survivors? , who plays the cycloptic SpaghettiOs hater, spoke to THR about what might go down when he meets the prison gang:

The Governor is there and maybe he's got a different plan about that prison and how he gets in there. Maybe he's there to flush something out. We don't know really. The real fine line is can there be trust from Michonne and the Governor? Rick and the Governor? What's to be negotiated? We've seen in real life -- in our life -- that you have to negotiate with your fiercest enemy for the greater good.

I very much doubt that Michonne and the Governor are going to swap pleasantries and enjoy a cup of tea and chat. She ran a sword through his undead daughter's face don't forget, which we all know is a pretty poor way of making friends. But whether the Governor will try to take the prison by storm or will try to employ more underhanded tactics remains to be seen.

What do you think? Will they all kiss and make up or is there trouble brewing in the Georgian countryside?



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