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Matt Carter

"New threats" is very much the buzz term surrounding The Walking Dead Season 4, with cast and crew constantly stressing that the survivors at the prison will be in for a tough time of things when the show returns. Executive Producer has repeated this warning, claiming in an interview with Zap2it that walkers are going to bring the pain even more in the new season:

It's true that there are more and more walkers in the world. At some point this calm period at the Prison is going to end, and it's they're going to encounter them when they go on runs, they're going to encounter walkers at the Prison; it's inevitable.

That sounds awfully like an undead herd to me...

The Governor is also set to make a villainous return, even though his cynical, cycloptic face has yet to make an appearance in any of the the promos or trailers. There is a reason for his no-show though:

We did that for reason being we don't want people to focus too much on, 'Oh, you know, Season 4 is going to be exactly like Season 3.' Then all the questions are, 'Is he going to be in the first episode? How much of a focus is going to be on the Governor?

My guess? The Governor shows up in episode 2, all contrite and full of remorse after seeing the error of his ways. He begs forgiveness, gets taken into the prison and sets to work tending the vegetable patch. They all live happily ever after.

Or not.

What role do you think the Governor is going to play in The Walking Dead Season 4?


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