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Idris Elba has more than paid his dues in Hollywood, but it looks like his dues are finally about to pay off. Like all great actors that make an immortal mark on the entertainment industry, this might be the role that breaks Mr. Elba out into the main stream. As many before him, all it takes is that one break-out role for audiences to finally turn their heads in his direction. Hanks in Philadelphia, Pitt in Legends of the Fall, Denzel in Glory, and the list goes on and on. Elba in MANDELA could be the stamp he's been needing to step into a whole new level of acting in his already long, but relatively "underground" career.

UNDERRATED and ECLECTIC are the two words mostly used to describe Elba's career thus far. His appearances on TV and silver screens have ranged from a British criminal with no clue (Rock-N-Rolla), a comic book all seeing gate keeper (THOR), to a Baltimore drug lord hell bent on using his brain to flex is brawn to rule the streets (The Wire). If you listen closely, you can even pick out his voice in a lil video game we like to affectionately refer to as Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3).

Thus far, all of these roles over the last decade have earned him a very loyal (almost)cult following, but not enough in the eyes of the big labels to warrant a commanding role until now. The story of Nelson Mandela is one of the most compelling stories in world history, and Idris will be playing him in this undertaking that comes out in theaters in November. The movie trailer looks compelling, the story sounds captivating, and Idris Elba appears to completely embody the part. So much so, that there are already whispers of possible Oscar nominations in he near future if the film captures audiences the way the writers think it will. This is an exciting time for Elba fans, even more so for Idris as scripts might be piling at his agents desk while still having potential blockbusters coming out in 2014 with him in them (THOR, No Good Deed, and The Gunman).

Watch the trailer here

Could this be The Age of Elba finally? I hope so! Lord knows the industry could use some new blood


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