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Despite nearly every mutant who ever put on a X-Men uniform being signed up for 's X-Men: Days Of Future Past, we've still been waiting on word as to whether Cyclops and Jean Grey would be suiting up. They were both killed in X-Men: The Last Stand, and we all know that being dead can be a pain in the ass if you ever want to return to a franchise.

The good news is that the Days of Future Past storyline will involve some time travel aspects and Singer has been talking recently about how he can use this for "fixing shit" from The Last Stand. Speaking to IGN, Singer was asked if he would like to see Grey and Cyclops return, answering:

Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t? [Laughing] That’s all I can say.

Singer doesn't give away much, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that the two mutants will make a comeback. Cyclops went out with a whimper last time out and Jean Grey is one of the coolest and most badass characters in the X-Men universe, so it would be sweet if they get the chance to kick ass one more time.

And Mr Singer, while you are out "fixing shit" from The Last Stand it would be great if you could wipe all memory of that movie from my brain because it was absolute toilet. Apart from Beast. He was awesome.

What do you guys think? Will Jean Grey and Cyclops return for X-Men: Days of Future Past? If so, how will they be brought back? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past lands in theaters July 18th.



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