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We already know that, at some point, a Justice League movie is going to happen. What most of us didn't know, however, is that there might be TWO Justice League Part One movies in our future. SWEET.



That's right. As it turns out, nerd guru , who may be the busiest and most diverse man in Hollywood, recently sat down with Josh Horowitz of MTV News while on the publicity tour for upcoming '50s B-movie throwback (giant aliens vs. giant robots) Pacific Rim. While he was there, he dropped some interesting knowledge on the world, such as the fact he's hard at work on a Justice League Dark script, and even thinks it might be able to fit in to the DC Universe already started with Man of Steel:

I think that the great thing about the Dark Universe is that you have this possibility of basically creating this supernatural group, and you can play with different worlds, but I would love to see the DC Universe become as cohesive as the Marvel Universe. So if there is any correlation I will honor it.

To be clear, this is an entirely separate project from the Justice League project currently being penned by . From what del Toro says, however, it seems as if his vision of a Justice League Dark, with its superheroes on the fringes of the DC Universe, is equally as far along:

I'm writing it right now. I'm rewriting the outline. We have a writer that we're waiting for, so I said to Warners I will rewrite the outline in the meantime.

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Interesting. What do you think? Is there enough room in the world for two competing Justice League films, or is it overkill? And if we get two, which one would you rather see? Personally, I'm way more into the idea of a JLD movie than JLA.

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