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Dawn Lodrigue

Twilight was a huge box office hit; girls and boys alike fell in love with the soft glowing gold eyes of the diamond skinned vampires from Stephanie Meyer’s novels. The vampires were different, far more human and sociable, and they were gentler. That is ,all were gentler but one. In Meyer’s series she wrote one vampire in the Cullen family that had trouble refraining from the kill for human blood. Jasper Hale, the only real killer in the Cullen clan, had a past that could possibly challenge Anne Rice’s perfect vampire Lestat. If Stephanie Meyers would like another novel and movie or even TV series hit, I would go with Jasper Hale.

It all comes down to what people found Twilight lacking in, which is the real ferocity of vampires. But Meyers did create that version of vampire, Jasper Hale started off as a lethal killer which proved useful in the novel and movie version of Eclipse. Jasper Hale lived during the Civil War, he actually managed to find himself a Major at a young age in the army due to his charm and attitude. He was chosen one night by a young woman named Maria to be part of her army, a young newborn vampire army. In Meyers’ novel she discusses how vampire newborn armies were used to gain territory, as a newborn vampire has little to no restraint when it comes for the need for human blood. The armies destroy entire areas, and newborns, though less focused, are far stronger than an aged vampire. Jasper Hale turned out to have a gift the movies failed to show in a good light, he is an empath, so he proved extremely useful in the newborn vampire army. He could control the newborns and their emotions; therefore, he created controlled extremely strong newborns that were in Maria’s army. Jasper Hale created trained killers, so to speak.

If Twilight anything were to happen, let it be with Jasper Hale, please. I think a Civil War set battle of the newborn armies would make for one plot that would actually do well with both girls and their boyfriends. I know the only reason my guy friends sat through Eclipse was because they heard there was going to be a fight, and a bad boy leading the good side. Ladies, let’s not forget this is a pale blonde bad boy, who if reprised by Jackson Rathbone, has the hottest smirk on a vampire ever seen and a southern accent. A southern, blonde, bad boy vampire during the Civil War era, let’s make it happen…


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