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If we're honest, the prequel comic book adaptation to television has been a challenge at times. With Batman and Superman being two of the most iconic characters in comic books, it makes sense that they would both have prequel stories that delved into their origins on screen with and . Yet with the transition to TV, fans haven't always been satisfied with how the iconic characters have been portrayed.

It seems as though the SyFy channel is planning to revamp how prequel series are done, and it looked absolutely incredible, at least until Warner Bros had the trailer removed.

Krypton was announced nearly 3 years ago, and with it's lengthy production time, many fans feared that the series had entered the developmental hell that has swallowed up other anticipated series, yet with the trailers appearance the excitement to learn about what actually happened on Krypton before Kal-El, a.k.a. Superman was launched away to his new home world of Earth. The show is set to follow the actions of Kal-El's grandfather, Seg-El, two hundred years before the events of Man of Steel as he attempts to reclaim honor to the House of El.

More News About Krypton:

The trailer gave us a glimpse into the Game of Thrones style drama that we're set to experience, but with how vast the DC Universe is it's interesting to think about who else may appear in the series as cameos to potentially fill out the hopeful follow-up season. These 7 classic characters should be the first to appear.

6. Starman

Image Credit: DC Comics
Image Credit: DC Comics

Technically, Starman (Jack Knight) and Seg-El crossed paths much later in Seg's life. In Starman #51 "Midnight in the House of El" we see Jack Knight, Mikaal Tomas and a hologram of Ted Knight land on Krypton in his past only to meet Jor-El (Superman's father) and Seg-El. The trio are discovered by the Kryptonians and thought to be linked with the Black Zero terrorist group, so they are detained and interrogated.

Jor-El plays a part in helping them escape, and through his efforts he is given the coordinates of Earth, leading to the belief that Jack Knight played a role in why Earth was chosen for Kal-El, a.k.a. Superman.

Starman would be an easy cameo style appearance, and considering that this specific comic was also written by David S. Goyer who is also serving as the shows executive producer.

5. Nightwing & 4. Flamebird

Image Credits: DC Comics
Image Credits: DC Comics

These two characters prove that even the legendary Krypton harbors individuals who seek simply to bring justice. Nightwing (not Dick Grayson) and Flamebird acted as vigilantes on Krypton to protect the street of the metropolis. These character share a great similarity to Batman and Robin, so it could be interesting to see how Krypton interprets vigilante justice as compared to Earth. This would also be a great homage to the spirit of adventure from the classic Silver Age of comics.

Introducing these two characters could create a thematic allusion to the role that Superman will have on Earth in the future.

3. Mister Mxyzptlk

Image Credit: Luis Delgado
Image Credit: Luis Delgado

As one of Superman's most enduring opponents, although sorely underutilized, Mister Mxyzptlk could bring a playful tone to the science-fiction drama we're set to see in Krypton. As he is a mischievious imp from the Fifth Dimension, there's really no reason why he couldn't pop up on Krypton and cause a few pranks and inconveniences for Superman's lineage.

This could explain why Mister Mxyzptlk gains so much enjoyment from pestering Superman, perhaps his ancestors ruined one of the tricksters plans thus focusing the dimensional trickster to disrupting the future of the House of El.

2. H'El

Image Credits: DC Comics
Image Credits: DC Comics

Now H'El could be an interesting character to introduce as a cameo/future villain on the series. Considering that in the Post-Crisis DC continuity there were dozens of Kryptonian survivors introduced; H'El being one of those survivors. H'El was initially a Kryptonian space explorer working for Jor-El. Claiming to have loved Jor-El and Lara as if they were his own parents, H'El was tasked with protecting Krypton's history and knowledge - so he was sent off in a prototype vessel to Earth. Although he arrived nearly 30 years after Kal-El, he felt as though it was his responsibility to resurrect Krypton with the power of Earth's yellow sun.

After a conflict with several of Earth's heroes, H'El is sent back several decades through time to be found by a young Jor'El - to which he discovered that everything he believed was a lie, thus sending him on a part to enslave Krypton instead of save it.

1. Karsta Wor-Ul

Image Credit: DC Comics
Image Credit: DC Comics

Before the days of the science and technology on Krypton, the planet was led by a military council who used warriors equipped with technology and powered by the yellow sun to expand and enforce their might across the universe. Yet the debate of power vs science raged on Krypton, ultimately leading the planet to determine that the power of the yellow sun was a detriment to Kryptonian morality. Thus, the Science Council was directed to lead Krypton and all the troops of the military were recalled.

Yet not all the warriors returned to Krypton, several chose to go AWOL and live a life as space pirates or renegades. Karsta was one of those warriors. After Krypton's destruction, Karsta is heartbroken and chooses to settle on Earth believing that any remaining anti-Kryptonian sentiments will hunt down Superman first allowing her time to escape.

Karsta could be an interesting addition to the cameo appearances as we're likely to see the transition from military to science councils in Krypton.

Who else would you like to see cameo on Krypton?


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