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The ideals and principles that define a superhero can inspire us to do amazing things. One person who has been inspired by them particularly is Lan Deep, a newly appointed San Jose City Councilman. The long-time comic book fan was sworn in in the most amazing circumstance imaginable: While holding a life-sized shield. Check out the video:

Speaking to NBC Bay Area, Diep revealed the reason behind his decision to hold Cap's shield while he swore his oath:

"[Captain America] embodies the ideals of America [...] He stands for the kinds of things I strive for: equal justice, fair play and democracy."

Things have been heating up on the streets since Donald Tump's inauguration as President of the U.S. so naturally, taking his previous comment into account, the Councilman was asked if his shield was an attempt to combat Trump. Diep said:

"Trump is not a real Republican, and some might say that about me. I wasn't trying to protest the president, but it's a reminder of what America aspires to be. In this administration, local government will have more of a role to play in taking care of its citizens. In that way, realizing that this is the landscape I'm stepping into, I wanted to shine a ray of optimism and levity."

If bringing what essentially is a toy to the event makes you wonder if he takes his job seriously, worry not, as, according to him, he is very serious when it comes to his profession:

“I take the job seriously, of course. I take myself less seriously. I’m not above entertaining people in hopes that they will wade through the policy discussions.”

What's next for the -loving politician, you ask? He'll be taking on traffic congestion due to the expansion of the Bay Area Rapid transit system and will be examining the current problem of the police force's pension. Maybe not as exciting as your average Captain America mission...

... But still, probably more realistic.

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