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Matt Carter

Crackle has announced that thriller/mystery Chosen is to get a third season, ahead of the season 2 premiere on Thursday. For those of you who're unfamiliar with the show, you can check out the synopsis after the jump.

Chosen follows Ian Mitchell -- a husband, father and lawyer -- who awakens one morning to discover a mysterious box on his doorstep containing a loaded gun and a photo of a stranger he must kill within the next three days. Ian quickly learns that if he doesn't kill this man), he may be killed himself along with his daughter who is being held hostage. Confused and desperate, Ian is transformed from an ordinary man into an unwilling assassin who must risk everything to protect his family.

Chosen stars Heroes alum and according to Deadline, season 2 "goes deeper into the deadly game the Mitchells were swept into and follows the lives of others who also received mysterious boxes forcing them to kill – or else."

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