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Now that the dust and brains are starting to settle into the earth, the reactions to premiere are flying in. And not too many of them are pretty.

Warning: this really does go without saying about any TWD article, but if you aren't caught up yet, turn back now!

The biggest reaction seems to be that the show has finally gone too far, and people are done with it.

To that I say, as I've said every time Twitter has blown up with the “I'm done!” and “I'm never watching this show again!” tweets:

Noooo, I'm not calling anyone that.
Noooo, I'm not calling anyone that.

The Parents Television Council is in an uproar over the brutality of the murders of fan favorites Glenn and Abraham, saying that children (whose parents should never let them watch the show) shouldn't be watching it.

Well, no shit, Sherlock.

Those reactions have been covered plenty, so let's talk about the REALLLY sad faces and angry faces; the fans who are so legitimately distraught over losing their favorite characters that they've gone and done some pretty crazy stuff to express it.

Writing Glenn's Obituary

This ranks up there with the both the saddest and funniest of reactions. Someone actually paid a newspaper to publish an obituary for Glenn Rhee, or that's what the perpetrator of the little prank led us to believe. But in taking responsibility for the fake obit, Andrea Bruner of The Batesville Daily Guard, or the, has admitted to doing exactly what I'm writing about; going to extreme lengths to express their feels.

Here's a shot of the obit from the October 25th issue:

It tells his backstory:

Born and raised in Michigan to Korean immigrant parents, he settled in Atlanta to undertake his career of delivering pizzas and brightening the world around him until the unthinkable happened - the Walker Apocalypse. It was then that the real Glenn emerged: a man of impeccable moral grounding and logistical wizardry.

Logistical wizardry. You heard it there first, folks.

It ends on a funny note:

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations of LITERALLY ANYONE WHO CAN HELP THEM DEFEAT NEGAN be made in his memory.

I can't blame Andrea, if I had the power to publish whatever I wanted in a newspaper, there would be TWD news every stinking day.

Group Reactions, Then Group Therapy

We've all seen reaction videos before. Filming yourself watching something shocking is apparently forever going to be a thing, as is filming yourself talking about that shocking thing right after watching it.

Some of my favorites ever are YouTubers filming their faux reaction to Susan Boyle blowing Simon Cowell away on Britain's Got Talent. But a group reaction is new to me (I'm also on the backside of 30, so who knows what else is news to me). Here's a pretty good group reaction video:

Fast forward (again, age showing) to 8:30 to see their Rhee-action. The “RIP HEADPHONE USERS” countdown made me LOL just a li'l.

There's No Way This Worked

If it did, I'm totally trying it the next time Negan whacks someone.

Can't get enough 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 content? Read on:

Oh Meme, Oh My

Of COURSE there's going to be some epic memes. It's one of the ways this generation of TV watchers deal with their emoticons.

Did I say that right?

Googling how to deal with injuries and pain is pretty standard these days, but how to deal with the Season 7 premiere? That's just funny.

Flipping Negan The Bird

This was back earlier this month, when fans didn't know who killed, but still felt it necessary to flip Jeffrey Dean Morgan off. They knew he was killing someone or someones, but they didn't know who. Did that stop them? Hell, no...and I can't imagine what they're flipping at him now that they know who died.

Way Too Soon, Bro

This one is You don't. You just can't. Give her until at least Season 8.

The Stars' Reactions

It's pretty much the way you would expect them to react, with a selfie, a smile, and breaking millions of feels all over the world.

You know what I'm gonna ask! How did you Rhee-act to who got Lucilled? Spill your feelings in the comments!


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