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Season 2 of the madcap musical Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended on somewhat frightening terms: Josh Chan had just left Rebecca at the altar in favor of becoming a priest (he wanted to wear the God t-shirt), and her response was befitting of the show's title, to say the least. Her final words of the season are, "Josh Chan must be destroyed."

These words, along with the shot of four women grouped together in their mission to take Josh down, could indicate another season of Rebecca and Paula capers with girl-power songs aplenty. But it's the other half of the final scene that was more worrying: there are flashback shots to the last time that Rebecca was apparently headed for wedded bliss and then abandoned. This previous cycle involved a mysterious Harvard professor (Robert!), a restraining order and an apparent stint at a mental hospital.

Put together, all signs are pointing at a much darker journey in Season 3, an assumption backed by the promotional posters which has posted on Instagram.

Each of the three posters feature Rebecca as an adaptation of an iconic (and traditionally ominous) character in pop culture, including Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct, Walter White from Breaking Bad and Don Draper from Mad Men. The posters are labeled accordingly: "crazy instinct," "crazy bad," "crazy mad."

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' [Credits: The CW]
'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' [Credits: The CW]
'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' [Credits: The CW]
'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' [Credits: The CW]
'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' [Credits: The CW]
'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' [Credits: The CW]

The general theme here seems to be that Josh Chan needs to watch his back because this crazy ex just got a whole lot crazier. But the posters could also be some indication as to where the character of Rebecca is going, or even where she really came from.

The character Walter White, for example, was initially a fairly innocuous figure, a teacher, husband and father. The stark contrast between White at the beginning of Breaking Bad and White at the end could be indicating a completely different Rebecca by the series end (it is believed to be a four-season run, currently).

Don Draper, suave ad-man extraordinaire, is not actually who he says he is in Mad Men. Being compared to a man who stole an identity is not particularly surprising, as we now know that Rebecca has a very tormented past kept secret from Paula, Greg, Josh, et al. (it turns out that whole arson incident wasn't just a one time thing!). Don Draper is a born liar who hits the restart button on his life multiple times, so it's entirely plausible that the West Covina version of Rebecca Bunch is only one adaption in a succession.

While the first two characters could be comparisons for past and present Rebecca, it's possible that Catherine Tramell may be an indication of the future. An apparent murderer who never pays for her crimes, could Ms. Tramell be a hint that whatever horrors Rebecca inflicts on Josh will go unpunished due to her innocuous outward appearance as a bouncy brunette lawyer?

All things are possible for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3, but the evidence seems to indicate that this year, "certifiable and obsessed" won't be so cute and adorable anymore.

What are your predictions for next season? Comment below!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 airs on October 13 on the CW.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]


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