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People of the world, I am going to be a dad! This is the first time that I have been able to stand on my soapbox and make such a declaration — it feels great. It turns out I was able to evade the Imperial Forces long enough to fire my proton torpedoes through the small exhaust port to trigger a chain reaction, which blew (haha, blew) life into the universe. I am just glad I didn’t have a creepy old guy whispering into my ear during the event.

As such, my wife and I now have the responsibility of deciding on a name. It is a lot of responsibility choosing something that will adequately represent our child through life. It needs to be strong and credible, while also respecting the lineage of our families. Nah, let's make it fun!

The Request

I need your most creative, crazy and overall awesome fandom boy/girl names to help my wife and I choose a name for our beautiful baby to be. My wife and I have decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, with the logic being that both Luke and Leia had the Force, so how could there be any urgency to know ahead of time?

I know the collective pool of your favorite; games, movies, TV shows, books, teams and athletes will produce a name that will be unique and worthy. Fanatical (no, enthusiastic) people have a level of creativity that leaves the rest of the world eating our dust as we race ahead uninhibited.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

For the purposes of this challenge, we will say our surname is Oddwell, which, coincidentally (what are the chances?) has the same number of syllables as our real name. When putting together your inventive names, use Oddwell as the last name so it has a similar sound should we choose to use it.

To get the ball rolling, I have already asked some of my friends to come up with their best ideas, which are listed below.

  • Bruce Wayne Oddwell
  • Wookie Furypants Oddwell
  • Max Power Oddwell
  • Elvis Danger Odwell
  • Kareem Hooky Oddwell
  • Omega Mega Oddwell
  • Chief Master Oddwell
  • Drake Diesel Oddwell
  • Jessica Moans Oddwell
  • Zelda Peach Oddwell
  • Atari Bits Oddwell
  • Windy Willow Oddwell
  • Lucas Endor Oddwell
  • Budapest Lobster Oddwell
  • Storm Khan Oddwell
  • Paddington Brown Oddwell
  • Rooney Ronaldo Oddwell
  • Cammy Minogue Oddwell

The Results

If we really like one of the posted names and we choose to use it, don’t worry, we will let you know. It may be a variation to your suggestion, but regardless we will acknowledge your awesome contribution and throw credit your way.

Now is the time: if you love Star Wars, Stranger Things, Games of Thrones, Naughty Dogs, Halo, Boston Celtics, Real Madrid, or anything — so long as you are passionate about it! Show me what you can do, give me a name! As Dark Helmet would say,

But first, let's play the name game:

Help me Internet, you're my only hope! Leave your geekiest baby name suggestion below.


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