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Defying expectations when it was released in 2015, Creed, the most recent installment in the Rocky franchise, left audiences craving to know the next chapter in his story. Although news of a sequel was confirmed some time ago, news of the film's production has remained pretty quiet — until recently. On August 2, Sylvester Stallone posted a Creed 2 teaser on his Instagram and in doing so, opened up the door to discuss whether or not he'd be reprising his role as Rocky Balboa in the sequel. Given how things ended for him in Creed, with the reveal of his non-Hodgkin lymphoma, it will be curious to see it what capacity he appears.

Will Rocky Balboa Be In Creed 2?

Interestingly, Stallone has seemingly implied his character's return in a recent Instagram post. The Instagram shot from not only includes his character along with Michael B. Jordan's Donnie, but it also includes the hashtag . Stallone also made mention of Creed 2's return date — 2018 — which means that the saga will continue for audiences very soon. Seeing this photo from Creed of Rocky and Donnie training together certainly feels like a good omen for fans who feared the worst for Rocky at the end of Creed.

If you'll recall, Creed focused in part on an aging Rocky training Apollo Creed's son, Donnie. The fact that Rocky is quite sick by the time the film ends throws into question whether he would reasonably be popping up in Creed 2. Although it was confirmed that Stallone himself would pen the script for the upcoming movie, his character's poor condition indicated strongly that the sequel would most likely take place after Rocky's death.

At Least One Rocky Legend Will Be Returning

Rocky's return in Creed 2 will may be uncertain, but one character whose return has been confirmed and subsequently hyped up is Rocky IV antagonist Ivan Drago, played by the inimitable Dolph Lundgren. It seems like Drago's return to the boxing ring is going to be major, as Lundgren confirmed with an intense workout video on his Instagram. The actor's return to the franchise means that old wounds will be reopened, as Drago was the man who killed Donnie's father, Apollo Creed.

With Lundgren reprising his iconic role once again and Rocky possibly returning (albeit, fighting a serious illness), Creed 2 is certainly shaping up to be as big of a knock-out as the first one was.

What do you think is in store for Rocky Balboa when Creed 2 hits theaters 2018?


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