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It's only been one week since producer Barbara Muschietti called a wrap on 2017's IT remake — coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Stephen King's killer-clown epic on which the movie is based — and already far-fetched conspiracy theorists have tied the project to a spree of "clown complaints" plaguing the States.

After one 20-year-old Kentucky based "lurker" was arrested in full clown garb, the Tennessee police arrest a 64-year-old man admitting to "dressing as a clown and threatening children" (dafuq?), and other sightings in Arkansas, Mississippi and South Carolina, fingers began jester-ing in New Line studio's direction.

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While it could have been a pretty amusing marketing campaign — having folks don clown costumes and terrorize local communities — you need to be a few pompoms short of a party (i.e. stupid) to figure the move wouldn't have serious consequences. And that's probably why New Line released an official statement to The Hollywood Reporter severing all connections to the pranks: "New Line is absolutely not involved in the rash of clown sightings."

Except now the question still stands: Who or what could've sparked this sudden clown-themed uprising?

Barbourville's Police Department has issued a lengthy Facebook status asking people to refrain from clown-based behavior, alongside an image of this rather forlorn looking fellow:

Consider yourselves warned!


What do you think could be sparking all this sudden clowning around?

(Source: THR)


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