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Traci Hines is a cosplayer who is well known around the internet community as the real-life Little Mermaid. One of her most popular videos, in fact, is her cover of "Part of Your World" where she re-enacts scenes from the movie.

However, Traci is a fan of all things Disney like the rest of us, and she loves the Halloween season, as well. Last year she did an incredible cover of both "Come Little Children" and "I Put a Spell on You" from the Disney movie Hocus Pocus, and this year she decided to pull a twist with new Disney favorite film .

While we all know the story of how "true love melted a frozen heart" from the movie, Traci took it a step further and questioned what could have happened if, when Anna was hit when she was younger, she had actually died.

What happens after that? Elsa is stricken with grief, and every day she is growing more mad, with the voice of her sister following her through the castle. After all... a frozen heart still loves when it no longer beats.

The detail, like the frozen hands and dark circles under eyes really help drive home the point of Anna being "frozen" though it does make sense that she would have grown with her sister and she would imagine her getting older alongside her. Another amazing cover done by a true .

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