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If they weren't so damned creepy, it would almost be possible to feel sorry for clowns right about now. Thanks to the upcoming It remake, they're about to get a bad rap once again. Creepy clown sightings are on the rise, and are expected to get only worse as we inch closer to Pennywise's return to the movies. Just when professional clowns were breathing a sigh of relief that the uptick in creepy sightings had nothing to do with a marketing gimmick for the movie, the first trailer was released and trashed the reputation of poor, working professional clowns everywhere.

Which mean I'm genuinely not sure how to feel about this latest -related story. I mean, get ready to see some majorly disturbing cuteness—emphasis on "disturbing". Eagan Tilghman, a 17-year-old photographer from Mississippi, is to blame for the adorable nightmare fuel you're about to see. It seems Tilghman got the bright idea to dress up his 3-year-old brother Louie as 's new version of Pennywise and take some pictures. You'll never guess what he did next.

He went and put them on the internet.

And the internet has reacted accordingly, expressing their feelings about seeing a toddler dressed up as a killer clown.

Eagan and Louie's mom Brooke, however, was understandably proud of her sons, as a mother should be-

Eagan has been trying to get the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, and with all those likes, comments and shares, it appears he's well on his way to getting his little bro a coveted guest spot on The Ellen Show.

As much as she enjoys scaring the crap out of people, Ellen will probably enjoy it as much as their proud mama. But the rest of cyberspace? Yeah, not so much, at least for some.

Right there with you, Haines Homes. On Facebook, Tiphany and Amanda were in agreement.

[Credit: Bored Panda]
[Credit: Bored Panda]

Weirdly enough, some were actually happy to see a three-feet-tall toddling nightmare clown. I'd try to guess what's wrong with these people, but I'll let their reactions speak for themselves:

Not wanting to leave fans of the original the clown unpleased, Eagan also helped Louie bring out his inner Tim Curry:

Haven't had enough of the creepy crawlies? Well here you go:

[Source: Eagan Tilghman Instagram, Bored Panda]


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