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For many of us, The Lion King remains as Disney's best animated movie. With a heart-wrenchingly emotional storyline and colorful characters, The Lion King has prevailed in the hearts of many of us ever since its debut in 1994. And with a CGI live-action remake of the film set to hit theaters summer of 2019, Disney is keeping love alive by releasing high-def versions on Blu-Ray. The latest release, part of Disney's Walt Disney Signature Collection, just hit stores on August 29, and it may possibly contain Disney's creepiest scene to date.

'The Lion King' [Credit: Disney]
'The Lion King' [Credit: Disney]

In the scene, the villainous lion Scar, played impeccably by Jeremy Irons, seems to make sexually threatening advances towards Nala (Moira Kelly). The scene begins with Scar asking Rowan Atkinson's Zazu why he isn't loved by the kingdom, to which the hornbill replies that it's because he doesn't have a family like Mufasa does — and because he isn't a good ruler. When Scar contemplates this, warming up to the idea of having a queen to produce cubs with, Nala enters the cave. From the get-go things are uncomfortable, as the evil lion dismisses Zazu. But Zazu, for fear of Nala's safety (and perhaps her virtue?) asks:

"Don't you think I should stay?"

To which Scar snaps:

"That will be all!"

Still before leaving, Zazu (possibly sensing the malicious intent in Scar's heart) whispers to Nala:

"Give a roar if you need anything."

The situation worsens, with Scar beckoning her closer and telling her that he doesn't bite, before launching into a song about needing a mate. The song (according to The Hollywood Reporter) even includes lines like:

"My cylinders are firing with fervor and you, my sweet thing, fit the part."

Ultimately, Nala is left backed in the corner while Scar tries to pet her. That is of course, until Nala slaps him, leaving the wicked lion chuckling. Scar then says:

"Oh, Nala, Nala, Nala. You know, you really have no choice. I always get what I want."

Same, Nala, same. [Credit: Disney]
Same, Nala, same. [Credit: Disney]

And as the mother lioness hurries out of the cave, the nefarious character follows her, announcing to her and the other lionesses that he has chosen Nala as his new mate.

"Either be my queen or be forever banished from the Pride Lands."

And at Nala's refusal, he commands his hyenas to chase her off.

This scene is certainly darker than the lighthearted, albeit emotional tone of the film, and it makes sense why it was left on the storyboard. Still, one has to admit that this scene adds a new layer to the revulsion we all no doubt feel for Scar.

Here's the rough version of the scene:

This of course isn't the first time sexual harassment has been covered in Disney movies, with The Hunchback of Notre Dame being the perfect example of a film where the heroine was shamelessly harassed by several characters. With The Lion King remake boasting such big names such as Beyonce, Donald Glover and James Earl Jones, and the original film's pedigree among fans and critics alike, all eyes are on Disney to bring us a Lion King film that can enthrall a whole new age, as the classic animated movie did.

Did this change your perception of Scar? And will you be seeing the live-action remake of the film in 2019?

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