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The Walking Dead is approaching Season 4, but it seems like some of the stars have other projects that they are up to! And one is releasing a brand new book! Who is it?

It's Daryl Dixon himself, Mr !

The photo-aficionado, who is always snap-snap-snapping away, has a new photography book entitled "The Sun's Coming Up … Like a Big Bald Head" coming out, a limited edition book out October 31st for $75 (even cheaper if you preorder for $60!).

So, what's it about? Well, it's all quite vague according to Mr Reedus who notes it doesn't tie down to a specific theme but aims to make "disturbing images beautiful."

"It’s a really nice hardcover book and it’s very personal."

So, he takes disturbing (what? like dead foxes on motorways?) photos and makes them pretty and personal. Sorry, I need a lil' more clarification. Luckily, Reedus elaborated further in his chat with the Hollywood Reporter.

"[The photos are] through my eyes, like my interpretation of what my surroundings were at certain times -- so some of the photos are from a John Carpenter film that I worked on and he builds these insane worlds and crazy characters and I sort of kidnapped a few of those people and took them on a little journey of my own,"

John Carpenter? He must be talking about 'John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns', which he starred in...which means we are in for a gory, visual treat. But fans who want some Walking Dead spoilers will be disappointed. He's not allowed to spill anything in the book! But reportedly, there'll be a few Easter Eggs in there. And the title, it's quite something, isn't it? Well, turns out it came from Laurie Anderson's 'Sharkey's Day' song.

"She liked the photos and agreed to let us use the title. It was awesome because I'm a huge fan of hers. It’s just something that always stuck in my head as a kid. It's just such a dynamic performance that I just always remembered it."


Those whispers of 'Sharkey' are quite hypnotic. Anyway, this is altogether quite an interesting project - I love it when celebrities indulge in their passion projects on the side, with little to no interest in its commercial appeal. And some proceeds go to personal charities, such as the Fallen Heroes one in Atlanta where the zombie-fest hit TV show is filmed, so buying a copy might not be such a bad idea!

Here's some photo's from the project to peruse:

See that girl covered in blood, sitting up straight on the blue sofa? He didn't use the word disturbing lightly!



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