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Bruce Lee is going to be getting a biopic of sorts, with the story of his early life being brought to the big screen in Birth of the Dragon. The Hollywood Reporter writes that and will pen the screenplay, which focuses on Lee's real-life duel with China’s most famous kung fu master at the time, Wong Jack Man. This epic showdown will be used as the spring-board for a more generic action movie, as Lee and Wong join forces to battle a bunch of chinese gangsters.

The fight between Lee and Wong took place in 1964 and has gone down in legend. Depending on whose account you believe, Lee either kicked Wong's ass in three minutes with the former master attempting to run away, or the fight lasted 20-25 minutes with Lee emerging as winner. Either way, it's a great jumping-off point for an action movie and the scope for some truly excellent martial arts action sequences is huge.

Scriptwriters Wilkinson and Rivele are no strangers to the biopic having also penned Oliver Stone's Nixon, which garnered them an Oscar nomination, and Michael Mann's Ali. They also co-wrote the Freddie Mercury Biopic, which will see as the flamboyant Queen front man.

The big question though is who could possibly fill Bruce Lee's kung fu shoes in Birth of the Dragon? He's probably the most iconic martial artist in the history of cinema, so getting the casting right is going to be really challenging.

Who do you think should be cast in the role of a young Bruce Lee? Drop your suggestions in the comment section below. [[follow]] the movie to get all the kick-ass updates as and when they land.


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