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It's fair to say that this years TV crossover event is the biggest so far for the CW shows. It's been a tradition of the shows to at least one crossover every year, and each time the stakes have only gotten higher. From setting up the Legends to fighting an invading alien species, we've always been given something memorable each time the superheroes of the DC TV world have gotten together. Now, with the heroes facing off against the invaders of Earth-X — who incidentally are their own doppelgangers — the stage is set for what will be an extraordinary Arrowverse crossover.

But although the two-night event is only a week away, we still don't know a lot about our foes from Earth-X. And although the show runners have yet to explain the agenda of these invaders, thanks to a new trailer we know more about Earth-X itself.

Explaining that Earth-X is the 53rd Earth in the multiverse, we're shown how this world differs from those of and . Earth-X is a fascist world where the Nazis won the world war. Although just how much things have altered remains to be seen, but with an evil version of Kara and Oliver to deal with, not to mention Captain Cold serving as Earth X's only hero, things certainly seem bleak. While the trailer features some exciting new footage, it also teases a "doomsday weapon" though what that could be remains a mystery.

Although many fans may jump to the conclusion that this "doomsday weapon" is Doomsday himself, it is possible that this weapon is none other than Red Tornado. The android was shown as part of Supergirl's world back in Season 1 but has quietly resurfaced in the latest poster for the crossover. Although he served as a villain on Supergirl, his status as a superhero in the comics has lead many to believe that he will be a wildcard of a sort in "Crisis On Earth-X".

Though based on this new information about a possible doomsday weapon, it may very well be that Red Tornado is just a protector of the weapon and wont be siding with the heroes at all. Traditionally, doomsday weapons are to be used as a last resort, and usually threaten the survival of everyone on the planet, so it would make sense that the villains of Earth-X may be using Red Tornado to protect this powerful weapon.

However it all plays out, "Crisis on Earth-X" is turning out to be a must-see event.

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