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The Hollywood love affair between and his young muses and keeps on rolling, with The Film Stage reporting shooting for their next collaboration, Maps to the Stars, has gotten underway.

The dark social satire (naturally), which will bring Cronenberg to the U.S. for his directorial debut in America, takes a look at our culture of excess and fame:

A contemporary tale exploring the demons of our celebrity-obsessed society, story follows the Weiss family, which is led by Stafford (), a psychotherapist and life coach who made his fortune with self-help books. His wife () is the overbearing mother-manager of their 13-year-old son (), a TV star recently out of drug rehab. Their estranged daughter () has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and befriended a limo driver (Pattinson) who is also an aspiring actor.

One of Stafford’s celebrity clients is Havana (), an actress with an unusual new assistant. Havana’s dream of reprising her dead mother’s (Gadon) starring role from the 1960s slowly crumbles while ghosts, death and all manner of vices collide.

(via The Wrap)

We also have our first look at Cusack on set, courtesy of a set still from Screen Daily and promo image from Variety.

Is it just me, or is Cusack looking very Crossing Over with John Edwards in that second pic? Anyone? Bueller? Just me?

Right, then. Expect Maps of the Stars to make its Cannes debut in 2014.



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