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In 2009, Norwegian horror flick Dead Snow made sizable waves in audiences around the world. The "the Nazi-zombie-horror-splatter-comedy" about a group of students surviving a - you guessed it - zombie attack in the woods has become a bit of a cult hit, even making it to Sundance Film Festival's Midnight Madness.

The creators want to give fans what they clearly want: more funny scares. To help make the graphics tighter, the zombies bloodier, and the budget bigger, they're heading down the trendy crowd-funding avenue.

Here's what to expect:

And the story is about to get even better. Everyone who saw the first movie, will know that Martin, the sole survivor of the group, made it back to civilization and, presumably, safety. Except... Except he received this little token of his girlfriend Hannah's love. Which is all Colonel Herzog, that stickler for Teutonic detail, needs in order to get all that gold he and his troops were collecting for his beloved Fürher. Thus, the sequel picks up from the instant the first movie left off. And since we don't have to bother setting up the story this time around, the mayhem may commence immediately.

And with every campaign, there are perks. Depending on your donation, you could end up with a cameo. $30 gets you a digital copy ASAP, $75 gets you an autographed script, and $15,000 gets you an executive producer credit.

Check out the trailer:

Hey, it worked for Veronica Mars and Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here. Get in on the action here. Will you be donating?



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