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When it came to the "Marcia 'fucking' Brady of the Upper East Side" and the relationship with her "pussy-whipped" brother, there were many things that had the power to raise a few eyebrows. The fact the narrative essentially revolves around a privileged kid (Sebastian, Ryan Phillippe) wanting to have anal sex with his step-sister (Kathryn, Sarah Michelle Gellar), for example. Or that she has a raging coke addiction, which she squirrels away in a crucifix pendant. Or that Selma Blair's character is sexually abused and Reese Witherspoon's heavily peer pressured.

However, according to E!'s recent broadcast of , these are not the most offensive plot points — the same-sex kiss scene between Kathryn and Cecile (Blair) is. Which is why it was the only scene to receive the censorship treatment. Yup, really. The version aired on TV was sans smooch — the smooch that was recognized with an MTV Award for "Best Movie Kiss" back in 2000 — because apparently, while things were blossoming down under for everyone else, E! remained repressed.

Per EW's report, the reason for the omission is that the version broadcasted was an older made-for-TV version that did not go through the standards check before it was aired. A point that doesn't really answer the question of why this scene was the one axed in the first place, but indicates that, should they air the movie again, this would be corrected.

It goes without saying that Twitter was less than impressed with the move — even Sarah Michelle Gellar took to the site to give E! a big fat thumbs down:

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And her followers boo'd along with her.

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What do you make of this act of censorship?

(Source: EW)


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