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Mark Newton

Avid fans of erotic sci-fi finally have a reason to rejoice!

Deadline is currently reporting that Amazon Studios has just started development on a Barbarella television series written by Skyfall's Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

The show, which is currently looking for a showrunner, will develop a pilot with the online video distributor before possibly moving on to a full series. Drive's was originally attached to direct the pilot, although it now appears he is simply in the producer's chair.

For the uninitiated, Barbarella is a femme fatale heroine created by French cartoonist Jean-Claude Forest. She appeared in several comic books from the 1960s onwards, especially cult classic Heavy Metal. However, she is probably best known from the 1968 film adaptation staring — a movie which basically showed her running around in tight-fitting bodysuits and showing off her rather lovely legs.

The project has been in development for around a year and will add to Amazon's burgeoning catalog of home-grown shows, including the comedies Alpha House and Betas.

What do you think? Is the time right revive Barbarella, or did she belong to a particular time? Let us know below.


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