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Anthony Genuardi

Hi, well let's see. What to say. I'm a digital artist who learned photoshop through trial and error (and youtube tutorials for some of the more advanced stuff). I've been drawing since I was a small child and could hold a pencil. I like all things geeky, sci-fi and fantasy and that's reflected in the artwork I do.

I've been doing a lot of pop culture inspired posters for my Etsy shop lately, trying to build a fan base and spread the word. If you check out my shop you'll see comic, cult films, and game inspired work. There's also some of my own brand of original digital abstract works. I also do freelance graphic design when I can. I've done party flyers, business cards, logos, and e-press kits. I'm always looking for new inspiration and ways to develop my particular style. Being able to make a living off of my art would probably be the greatest thing that could ever happen to me, but for now I'm working towards it.

As far as this series goes, I've just recently gotten into alternative movie posters. I've been seeing a lot of really great work in the genre recently and re-interpretations of classic films that were really inspiring and thought, "hey, I should make my own." As for the films I've done so far, I love 'The Fifth Element'. It's always been a really great cult sci-fi film and I've watched it enough to recite dialogue. It's also something of a Geek fan favorite. Likewise, 'The Boondock Saints' is another cult classic that my friends and I love so I thought it would really resonate with the community I'm trying to reach. Plus,'s the Saints. The original 1984 'Terminator' also occupies that classic sci-fi slot, and who doesn't love cyborg killing machines from the future? Movie posters are just a fantastic art form that I want to continue to explore. More cult film goodness to come.

The Terminator

The Fifth Element

The Boondock Saints

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