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Universal Studios has announced the release of the 7th installment to the Child's Play franchise with a teaser trailer for Cult of Chucky. Not much is known about the films just yet and the teaser left a lot to the imagination by only including clips from the previous films, merely stamping "Cult of Chucky" on the screen at the end. Since the trailer was very vague in it's details for the new film, using the details that are available and the events at the end and after the credits of Curse of Chucky, here are some thoughts on the Cult of Chucky.

The Trailer

The teaser did a fine job of reminding us of the events of the previous six films but they did leave out one crucial scene from Curse of Chucky that could hold the key to the events of the upcoming film; Chucky "reunites" with Andy.

Reunited And It Feels So Murderous

Alex Vincent reprises his role of Andy Barclay, who as we all know, is the adorable little boy from the first three films with whom Chucky wants to play "hide the soul". We also see the return of Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly (Chucky's version of Harley Quinn and her new vessel); she is the culprit that mailed the doll to Andy.

Curse of Chucky (Credit: Universal Studios)
Curse of Chucky (Credit: Universal Studios)

The Plot

Current poster image for 'Cult of Chucky'
Current poster image for 'Cult of Chucky'

According to the film's IMDB page, the plot is as follows:

Confined to an asylum for the criminally insane for the past four years, Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) is erroneously convinced that she, not Chucky, murdered her entire family. But when her psychiatrist introduces a new therapeutic "tool" to facilitate his patients' group sessions - an all-too-familiar "Good Guy" doll with an innocently smiling face - a string of grisly deaths begins to plague the asylum, and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn't crazy after all. Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), Chucky's now-grown-up nemesis from the original Child's Play, races to Nica's aid. But to save her he'll have to get past Tiffany (Oscar-nominee Jennifer Tilly), Chucky's long-ago bride, who will do anything, no matter how deadly or depraved, to help her beloved devil doll.

It sounds a bit like Bride of Chucky, except for the return of Andy and Tiffany inhabiting Jennifer Tilly instead of a creepy bride doll. The team up of Nica and Andy should make for an entertaining spin, but there are a couple of characters missing from Chucky films past: Glen and Glenda, the twins that Jennifer Tilly gave birth to in Seed of Chucky and which were later the dwellings for the split personalities of Chucky and Tiffany's offspring.

Will they return with Tiffany to help their "father"? While not necessary, it would be kind of fun to see the murderous Brady Bunch together to take on the original hero of the Child's Play franchise.

Another plot hole that is pretty simple to spot, how does Chucky end up at the asylum where Nica is being held if he is currently attempting to murder Andy? That question is surely to be answered in the film, but it does raise some eyebrows because why would Chucky leave Andy to go after Nica if she is accepting blame for the murder of her family? The teaser has done it's job I suppose in raising more questions and curiosity about the film, but it would have been nice to see at least one scene of new material, even if it were just a couple of seconds.

Final Thoughts

As previously mentioned, the plot (assuming it is the plot) has potential to make for a decent film, but if they aren't careful, it could turn into Bride of Chucky or just a general circus pretty fast. It will be nice to see Chucky and Andy face off again, but in my opinion, this should be the last time.

Unless Cult of Chucky can really wow and breathe new life into the franchise, it has kind of begun to get a little stale. I hate to see the death of a classic, and while it has gotten stale, at least Chucky hasn't been sent to space or remade. As much as I would like to see our favorite foul-mouthed possessed doll make a comeback, I'm not sure it's going to happen and it should be book-ended with one final Andy vs Chucky showdown. I know I personally wouldn't want to see Chucky Goes to Space Camp or Child's Play: Rebirth of Evil.

What are your thoughts on the teaser and your predictions for 'Cult of Chucky'?


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