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Don't close the toy box just yet — iconic horror legend Chucky is back for more murder and mayhem. Charting the death and resurrection of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, Chucky has had us hiding behind the sofa for nearly 30 years, and his latest killing spree shows no sign of slowing down. The tiny terror returns for his seventh installment when Cult of Chucky gets a direct-to-video release in October this year.

Getting All Dolled Up

Slashing his way onto screens in 1988's Child's Play, the idea of a smirking killer doll has since spawned six more "Chucky" films. Just like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees, has become a staple for a series that soon realized its titular doll was more famous than the moniker. Hoping to cash in on the surprising success of 2013's Curse of Chucky, the whole gang returns for another play date. Check out the trailer below:

Following the events of Curse, we see Fiona Dourif reprise her role as paraplegic heroine, Nica. Incarcerated for crimes she didn't commit, Nica is trapped in an asylum under the care of pill-poppers and physicians. They say that confronting your fears is the best form of therapy, but when the class teaching aid is a murderous "Good Guy Doll," it won't be long before the corn syrup starts flowing.

Alongside Fiona, legendary actor (and her father) once again returns to voice our psychotic plaything. However, the trailer shows that there are two demonic dolls this time round. Hopefully, this means it will be a case of double the fun, double the fear, just in time for Halloween.

Also back for more, Jennifer Tilly reprises her role as Chucky's equally deranged wife Tiffany, who will do anything to get her homicidal hubby back. It isn't all doom and gloom though, the franchise has again snagged Alex Vincent to play Andy. For those who aren't long-term Chucky fans, Andy was the little boy who Chucky first plagued back in Child's Play. Originally only returning for the 1990 sequel, Andy appeared in the post-credit scene of Curse to battle that little bastard again.

Joining The Cult

While Cult doesn't look to be anything too inventive — the myth of a serial killer, an asylum, and no one believing the protagonist until its too late — a good ol' horror dripping with cheese is exactly why we've stuck with Chucky all these years. Seeing the little carrot-top bust out of the packaging once more, Cult and Curse make it (almost) easy to forget series lows like the abysmal Seed of Chucky — watching Hannah from British pop band S Club 7 be torched alive is something no '90s kid should ever have to see.

The film's Blu-ray, DVD and Digital release all come with a behind-the-scenes look at the film's puppeteering studio, and a documentary dubbed Inside the Insanity of Chucky. For those who need a history of horror, Cult will become part of the Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection, which will also find a home on October 3. Under the watchful eye of Child's Play writer Don Mancini, Cult of Chucky hopes to tug the pull-string of the dungaree'd menace and the heartstrings of those who have come to fear his name.


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