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For some fans, the Child's Play franchise that gave birth to the infamous killer Good Guy doll can be split into two distinct camps. The first camp would contain the first three Child's Play movies, while the next would have the spin-off sequels that added the suffix Of Chucky to their titles.

Outside of a few continuity nods and Brad Dourif's irreplaceable presence as , the Child's Play movies feel like two different trilogies put in a single box set. The upcoming seventh Chucky movie, , aims to bridge these seemingly-different movies and be the biggest crossover as well as a reunion for the Child's Play cast to date.

One Killer Reunion

1. Chucky aka Charles Lee Ray

Charles Lee Ray and Chucky
Charles Lee Ray and Chucky
  • Voiced/Played By: Brad Dourif
  • Appeared In: All seven Child's Play movies

To escape arrest, the serial killer Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul to a Good Guy doll and became an nigh-immortal killer doll who also became the face of a nearly 30-year-old horror franchise. Depending on the movie, Charles aka Chucky sets out to either transfer his soul into his desired human host or kill those he holds responsible for his current predicament.

Though he successfully killed the family he blames for setting the police on his trail that eventually led to the events of the first movie, he failed to kill Nica and Andy. Now, the killer doll looks to end it all by hunting down the two survivors in the upcoming Cult Of Chucky and franchise mainstay, Brad Dourif, will return once again to provide the voice of Chucky.

2. Andy Barclay

Andy through the ages
Andy through the ages
  • Played By: Alex Vincent, Justin Whalin (in Child's Play 3)
  • Appeared In: Child's Play 1-3, and Curse Of Chucky

Long-time Child's Play protagonist Andy hasn't been seen since he was sent to military school in Child's Play 3. After a long absence, the kid with a personal grudge against a certain Good Guy doll made a surprise cameo at the end of Curse Of Chucky. Now all grown-up and quietly living his own life, Andy (played by the original Andy, Alex Vincent) shoots Chucky in the face to wrap up the events of Curse.

In Cult Of Chucky, Andy will help Nica fight Chucky when murders begin to occur in the asylum she's detained in. The survivors of two generations of Child's Play movies will now join forces to put the killings to an end once and for all.

Alex Vincent is the second actor from the original movie's cast to return for the grand Child's Play crossover.

3. Nica Pierce

Nica in 'Curse Of Chucky'
Nica in 'Curse Of Chucky'
  • Played By: Fiona Dourif
  • Appeared In: Curse Of Chucky

After surviving the events of Curse Of Chucky, Nica is implicated for the murder of her family - despite her being a paraplegic who's been in a wheelchair for her whole life. The longer Nica stays in the asylum she was confined in, the more she believes that she is indeed responsible for killing her loved ones.

When murders begin to occur in the asylum after her psychiatrist brings a familiar-looking Good Guy doll for patients' group sessions, Nica begins to question her supposed insanity now that her apparent hallucination is back to kill her.

4. Tiffany Ray

Tiffany in human and doll form
Tiffany in human and doll form
  • Voiced/Played By: Jennifer Tilly
  • Appeared In: Bride Of Chucky, Seed Of Chucky and Curse Of Chucky

Before Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul to a Good Guy doll, he had a girlfriend by the name of Tiffany. She is madly devoted to her serial killer boyfriend and both of them enjoyed wrecking havoc on whoever was unfortunate enough to get in their way. At one point, she suffered Charles' fate and found herself stuck in a doll before successfully possessing actress Jenifer Tilly's body by the end of the meta Seed Of Chucky. She still aided Chucky even in human form, as seen in Curse Of Chucky.

Tiffany will once again help her lover in his quest for vengeance when he storms the asylum Nica's in. It's up to Tiffany to prevent anyone from interfering with Chucky's rampage, including Andy.

5. The Creators

  • Director/Writer: Don Mancini
  • Producer: David Kirschner
  • Designer: Tony Gardner

Cult Of Chucky won't just reunite familiar characters from the Chucky movies, but also the guys responsible for making the franchise in the first place.

Don Mancini, the primary writer of the Child's Play movies and director of the previous two installments, wrote and directed Cult. The franchise's long-time producer David Kirschner returns for what may be the grand finale of the Child's Play series. Special effects expert Tony Gardner from Seed Of Chucky also joins Cult to bring the killer doll and the kills to life.

Image credit: Universal Studios
Image credit: Universal Studios

The Child's Play series is one of the few horror movie franchises from the '80s left that has yet to be rebooted and it's good to know that its original creators are still intent on continuing the story instead of starting from scratch.

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Should Cult Of Chucky be the end of Chucky's murderous rampage? The seventh movie could serve as a proper send-off for fans thanks to the creators' continued passion for the killer doll.

Check out the announcement trailer for Cult Of Chucky below. Cult Of Chucky will be available on both DVD and digital download in time for Halloween 2017.


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