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With the flurry of superhero shows and films, you could be forgiven for thinking comic books are all about super-powers. Cast your gaze a little further afield, though, and you'll realize that the truth is very different; The Walking Dead alone proves that point. Now, it seems one of the creepiest, eeriest comics of all time is about to get a new TV series: make way for Locke & Key! Even better, the series is helmed by Carlton Cruse, assisted by none other than Doctor Strange director Scott Derickson!

It's Time To Dive Into The Supernatural!

A deadly evil. [Credit: IDW]
A deadly evil. [Credit: IDW]

Locke & Key is centered on the mystery of the Keyhouse: an ancient building that's the home of an ancient, demonic evil. It's the family home of the Rendells, who move back after the brutal murder of their father; soon, they're plunged into a battle with nightmarish supernatural forces.

The central concept is a fascinating one. The magic of the Keyhouse is centered around a series of mystical keys, which possess tremendous power. Using one key in the right lock means you become a ghost, until you choose to return to your body. Using another means you step through the side of the building as a giant! These keys hold the secret to immense power.

The villain of the piece is a powerful, demonic spirit known as Dodge. The story of Locke & Key is dark and dangerous, twisting in countless unexpected directions. Dodge is truly a ruthless evil, manipulating the comic's child stars and making their lives Hell. It's a dark supernatural thriller, written so well by Joe Hill and with stunning art by Gabriel Rodriguez.

A Promising Show

Trippy! [Credit: IDW]
Trippy! [Credit: IDW]

Hulu has assembled a powerful team; Scott Derickson, after all, is a master of supernatural horror! Carlton Cuse is an accomplished showrunner, with a history including Lost, Bates Motel, and The Strain. Hill's involvement strongly suggests we're going to see a pretty comic-book-accurate version of the award-winning comic book series!

It's worth noting that this is something of a coup for Hulu, too. According to Deadline, a number of networks competed for the show, with Hulu emerging triumphant. Hulu's proving to be Netflix's main competition for the development of creative original series, and Locke & Key is sure to be the next big hit.

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This is the second time we've seen an attempt to make a Locke & Key series, and hopefully this time it gets past the pilot stage. What's more, this is only the latest IDW comic to be adapted into a TV series; Locke & Key is following the success of Wyonna Earp and Dirk Gently. With such a high-profile team on hand, Locke & Key should be a smash hit!


Are you looking forward to 'Locke & Key'?

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