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Barbie has been around for nearly 60 years, and during that time she has held almost every job known to man (er, woman). The iconic doll has been everything from an airline stewardess to working as a fast-food employee. But there is one job the iconic doll has never held — until now.

Custom Horror Dolls, a company helmed by Will Turner, recreates Barbie as some familiar movie final girls and characters from your favorite scary flicks, including Scream, Bates Motel, Halloween, and more. You'll never look at Barbie the same way again. Take a look at some of the creations below!


Scream 2

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Urban Legend

Friday The 13th

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Halloween H20

Even Ken had a little fun too!

A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Walking Dead

For more horror dolls be sure to check out Will's Instagram page.

What did you think of the new and improved Barbie?


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