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We haven't got long to go now until the week long Heroes v Aliens crossover event, in which all our favorite Flarrowverse heroes team up to fight... uh, aliens. It's gonna be awesome! The third trailer dropped last night, and if you weren't hyped before, you should be now.

The fast-paced trailer was stuffed full of hints about the epic crossover, but it wasn't the only promotional material released — posters were also revealed, and there's a sneaky Easter Egg hiding behind Arrow and the Flash.

The CW's posters for Heroes v Aliens.
The CW's posters for Heroes v Aliens.

The impressive building hasn't featured in any of the shows thus far, but DC fans should nonetheless recognize that distinctive arc, as this is the Hall of Justice a.k.a. the headquarters of the Justice League in the animated show Super Friends.

The Hall of Justice.
The Hall of Justice.

In the comics, the Justice League HQ is usually the Watchtower, but because the 1970s animated show was so popular, the Hall of Justice has featured in several over animated shows, video games, and in a few of the comics too.

The New Super Friends

The big question, of course, is whether the Hall of Justice is a hint that the Justice League may finally appear in The CW shows. After all, Supergirl has Superman, and there have been many allusions to the presence of both Batman and Green Lantern in this continuity.

However, The CW heroes have enough on their plate dealing with the alien invasion, in their very first complete team-up. And that's reason enough to include the Hall of Justice. It seems likely that this is a hint that all the teams — Team Arrow, Team Flash, Supergirl's allies, and the Legends — will become a massive network a la the Super Friends themselves.

The Super Friends of The CW.
The Super Friends of The CW.

It could be that after this team-up, the heroes will all stay in contact with each other, forming a network of heroic protection that spreads across two Earths. Such a network should have a name, and it looks like The CW are already teasing a title for the extended team:

Once all of the super friends are assembled, they come up with a plan to attack but a shocking secret related to Flashpoint is revealed and suddenly no one is sure who they can trust.

In the synopsis for the next episode of The Flash, the team-up is dubbed the "super friends". Put that together with the Hall of Justice appearing in the official posters — not to mention Entertainment Weekly's "Super Friends" cover — and it seems that this is the new team name for all The CW heroes.

In the 1970s cartoon, the Super Friends were in fact the Justice League by another name, and later comics that used the title were also about the Justice League characters.

This might be the perfect, tongue-in-cheek name for The CW heroes' alliance. It's fun and lighthearted, referencing a well-known part of DC history and emphasizing the most important element of these shows — the friendships between the characters.


Do you think The CW heroes should be known as the Super Friends?


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